World Cup - Dammit Croatia!

Croatia, you robbed us of a dream blockbuster Argentina-Brasil semifinal and instead gave us a crappy gassed performance today against Argentina.

Maybe Soccer gods want Messi to win the World Cup in his last attempt.

Argentina-France would be a helluva final though, Now watch Morocco screw that up too.

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That would be a great final.

Not so sure its not more “Messi wants a World cup” rather than the World Cup gods want Messi to have one.

His ball handling was electric yesterday.

Funny side note…after they talked about him walking more than any other player in the WC I could not stop watching him walk!

I know that. It has zero to do with soccer gods. But things are sure falling in place for him. If Morocco beats France, that is another land mine out of the way. If that happens, win over #12 Croatia would be their best win.

Some Messi magic. This guy is something.

Thats just crazy good. Messi is bringing the pressure and intimidation. A fearless, talented warrior. Does the USA have any players approaching his expertise?

And that is why it is called, “The Beautiful Game”

Nobody else in the world has anyone like Messi. Not Kylian Mbappe, who he will face Sunday in the final (and his club teammate at Paris Saint Germain), not Ronaldo, not Erling Haaland who is a goalscoring machine at Manchester City (and didn’t even make the World Cup). If Messi isn’t the best ever, it doesn’t take long to call the list of those who were better.

Having said that, the USA has some very skillful young players. Sergino Dest was a handful for everyone we faced in the World Cup. Christian Pulisic is good enough that Chelsea paid $71 million to acquire him three years ago. Tyler Adams just keeps getting better since his move from the German league to England. Our problem this year was inexperience, a problem that should be fixed by the time the World Cup starts in North America in June 2026.

Thanks for these bits of information. The more I watch these standout plays during the World Cup, the more intrigued I get with game.

Wow, insane is right. He is amazing.

Erling Haaland is fun to watch

Unless you’re a supporter of the team he’s playing against. Hogmaestro and I have dubbed him the Norwegian cyborg – switch him on and he scores goals. He’s 6-5 but you’d swear he was at least 7-2 watching him play. Now his dad is dropping hints that he could leave England in a couple of years and try to succeed somewhere else (we’re looking at you, Spain).

I had not heard that about wanting to leave Man City already. I know before his transfer they were predicting him to go to Real Madrid.

Pop Haaland let that nugget slip earlier this week about leaving England.

Erling’s non-football claim to fame is playing the role of Daemon on House of the Dragon. Just kidding. But I have heard a couple of announcers on PL call him that.

If you don’t know Messi’s story, he grew up in Rosario, Argentina, supremely talented, but tiny. He’s listed at 5-7 which is an exaggeration, and he had to take growth hormone shots as a teenager to get that tall. He left Argentina (and the Newell’s Old Boys club in Rosario) for Barcelona because the club agreed to pay for the injections, which aren’t cheap. Good decision on both sides.

Interesting but does anybody know the effects long term for that. Or even short term…

Short term, and long term, he got taller.

Growth hormone deficiency is a real thing. Your body is supposed to make it; sometimes it doesn’t (that’s why dwarfs are dwarfs). Messi wasn’t going to be a dwarf but he was going to be too short to play professional soccer. The treatments basically got his HGH levels back somewhere near where they should be.

Johns Hopkins University discusses it here.

Growth Hormone Deficiency | Johns Hopkins Medicine.

No ethical doctor would give a normal sized kid HGH to try to get him to become an NBA power forward, but if a kid is going to be 4-6 as an adult, yeah they would.

I was sure this was gonna focus on Miss Croatia and her passion for her team… Glad you guys kept it between the ditches and rolled with the flow. Mbappe has passed Messi and I don’t have any veteran watcher need to see Messi or Ronaldo win or Ovi pass the great one or Tom Brady anything else. Cheap and tawdry media available by bookoos.