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I talked with Mason Jones’ coach at Connors State, Bill Muse, this morning and will speak with his prep coach today, too, for a story later in the week. I plan to use most of the interview with his college coach for The Basketball Podcast of Mid-America this week. I asked him about Mason’s NBA prospects:

“I don’t know how people could not (think he has a shot at the NBA). He’s not only had all the 30- and 40-point games, but the NBA is such a 1-on-1 game. You just space the floor out with him and he’s got a lot of moves. I’m sure they’ll find something negative about him - athletic jumping ability or something - but he can score the basketball. To me, the name of the game is to be able to score, especially in the NBA. It’s an offensive league, and he’s an offensive machine. I think he can definitely help somebody and last a long time.”

There’s also this from Ben Howland today:

Mississippi State coach Ben Howland on Mason Jones: He is an absolute star. The thing I love the most is he came out of nowhere and worked his tail off to get his body right. He has a great feel and skill package. He’s going to end up being an NBA player.

— Scottie Bordelon (@NWAScottie) March 9, 2020

Looking forward to it Scottie. Mason is now in Fav 5 Razorbacks. A scoring machine. Give him the ball and get out of the way please,

Most everyone thinks he has a shot and is pulling for him to make it- after next year. No one is insinuating he doesn’t have a shot. As Hog fans we selfishly want him back. That doesn’t make it wrong.

Mason has the total package on offense. He is a very good 3 point shooter, can hit the mid-range and is an excellent driver to the basket. He can create his own shot which is a nice skill to have. Plus, he is an excellent free throw shooter. He has a very good touch and nice mechanics. His shot is not weird or quirky. It should hold up for a long time.

He has carried this team all year. He has the mental toughness to succeed. He has that competitive desire… a will to win.

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