Working on a Corey Williams feature

… and wanted to share this story he told me about Phil Jackson:

"When I played with the Bulls, we were watching film. In the film room, you have to understand, there are 10 chairs, maybe 12 chairs - six in the front, six in the back. When I got in the room, on the front row there was three chairs and one small, little baby chair. Every other chair was normal. When I walked into the film room, I was like, ‘Look at that crazy chair. Who’s sitting in that chair?’ When I got in, (Phil Jackson) was like, ‘Pee Wee, that’s your chair. That’s where you are in the hierarchy of things here with the Bulls.’

“So I sat in this little bitty chair the whole film, watching film with the guys. Those guys were giving me grief, but it was all in fun. Phil was unique. He was a unique man. He knew how to reach those guys, and I guess when you have Michael Jordan on your team it’s pretty easy.”

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Any relations to Corliss

No, Corey Williams is not related to Corliss Williamson.

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Any relation to Corey Haim?

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