Work place issues

That spot looks kinda depressed, Richard. Are your dogs guarding the spot or waiting for you to give them a pet?


At least you know who the two bosses are in the family :grinning:

That’s our usual set up.

Sam, the smaller guy, usually is at the foot on the right while Reuben is in his usual spot.

Rotten to their core. Pampered just a bit.
Little pets sure add to our lives.

Definitely not Westies. Something-poos?


Not Maltese. I’m guessing cockapoo.

Sam is a maltipoo. Reuben is a terrier mix. Megan did a DNA test on him and it came back a little bit of everything.

Pretty good problem to have! I’ll bet they mind!

Love it. Get to be with them all day.

They are very spoiled.

That’s the best spot for the human. You can stretch out there and put your feet up.