Words of prophecy from Blaine Knight

Remember when he posted this, almost exactly a year ago:

http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/glory … -in-omaha/

Wiz that shows how driven Blaine Knight is. He has backed it up and now it’s all about performing in Omaha! Where would the hogs be without him?
We know that as a team they will leave it on the field. I hope they can win the first 2 games and that will put them in position to advance to the final!

I missed it before, thanks for posting!

The SEC had 3 first pitching round selections out of colleges with names other than Knight, yet Blaine was the only undefeated starting pitcher – at 12-0. Those are historically top of the ledger numbers – from the Friday night starter who faced the nation’s #2 Strenth of Schedule. Great improvement. wps

He is an AR kid, bleeds Razorback Red & driven to succeed. Total team player, just ask Isiah.
Thanks for posting Wiz.

Thanks for posting. I don’t remember seeing that previously.
Great take on the game, school, and fans.

Thanks for being a Whole Hog, Blaine Knight. Razorback forever.

Van Horn mentioned it after the game Monday night in the press conference. I had forgotten about it, too.