"Word" Series

Funny title. But it is “Word”. How these guys are in the CWS amazes me. No great pitcher. No great hitter. Lost the season end series at Alabama (Bama?). And then promptly took two strikes in the SEC tourney. Yet, they won when needed; besting two “higher ranked” teams in consecutive weeks, on the road.


I don’t think Oklahoma State or North Carolina should have been ranked higher than the hogs. They were seeded for post season play higher! The hogs played good last season until the regional and super! Lost 2 games by 1 run and the season was over. This version of the hogs is still alive. 3 weeks ago I didn’t think it was going to happen but they have made it. I just wish they would have gotten a top 8 seed and avoided playing Stanford the first game. We will see how it plays out by Saturday evening.

Word up to you. :sunglasses:

Nice summation.

Now that we made it to Omaha, I wouldn’t change a thing. One never knows how things might have turned out if we’d played someone else or played at Baum. The goal now is to win it all. Everyone we face is good. Everyone we face is hot. All 8 teams are capable of winning, but 7 will lose the last game they play.

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Effectively, we are the #7 seed; that is to say, we’re exactly where 7th seeded Oklahoma State would have been had they won their Regional and then beaten N. Carolina in the Super.

You’re gonna play a good, “hot” team no matter who you play in Omaha. That’s how all eight teams got there!


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