Word out of the SEC meetings

Is that the scheduling format choices are down to the 1-7 model and the 3-6 model, which we’ve discussed here. No divisions obviously, and no pods. The haves want to keep their rivalries, the have nots are worried about bowl eligibility with the 3-6 model.

In other news, Nick Saban said he didn’t accuse A&M of doing anything wrong, and his nose immediately grew three inches. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I suspect TV considerations - more traditional rivalries via the 3x6 model - will win the day.

They always do.


I’m sure that’s a consideration. But even the have nots lose something besides money. Vandy might not play Tennessee every year. Ole Miss wouldn’t play LSU. We wouldn’t get Texas every year (I’ll almost guarantee we’d get Misery in the 1-7 model). HY has been here long enough to know how our fans feel about the Fightin’ Fallopians.

Because of his time at Houston, Hunter knows you better schedule Texas as often as possible in anything. Huge gates are nice for the AD. But I suspect Texas sees LOTS of big gates in other places, too.

One thing I was reminded recently, Vandy will beg to play Alabama and Tennessee. They fill their stadium with visitors.

I’ve long felt there will be 9 league games. It just makes financial sense and that usually wins. Coaches don’t want it (except Saban) but ADs do.


I think that many fans want 9 league games.


That’s why ADs like it. When fans are happy, they buy tickets. But it’s not as simple as that.


I’m wondering if, with a 9-game schedule, we’d stay in JerryWorld with the Aggies to keep the league schedule balanced – four home, four road and one neutral site every year. Maybe not. Maybe HY would rather give Sam another recruiting weekend and sell that fifth SEC home game every other year.

I don’t think Texas A&M would do that. Hunter sounds like he would let it go away, too. Coaches want to play at home. I think it was a great idea that maybe does not work for either school so much.

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Yeah you’re probably right. A&M has 100,000 seats it can fill vs. 40,000 seats in JW it doesn’t always fill.

Texas-OU in Dallas isn’t going away. Florida-Georgia in Jax isn’t going away. But I think outside of our DFW alums, there won’t be too many tears shed about leaving the Death Star.

Brandon Marcello says the 9-game model seems to be gaining support.

I’ll be shocked if they stick with 8 conference games and go to the 1x7 model.

We are headed to a premier CFB organization in the next decade or so where the top 30-40 teams only play each other which will maximize revenue opportunities.

Playing more conference games and less games against non P5 completion is consistent with where things are headed


I know this is a joke but I laughed when I saw it. I hope you enjoy it.

Same thing applies now with us and the Aggies.

The difference is Arkansas won’t play Texas A&M in Arlington after the nine-game schedule goes into place. They will almost certainly end that agreement after three more games.

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True, but one of us only has three SEC home games every year now.

Didn’t Tony Barnhart pass away recently? What is he doing on Twitter?

Don’t think so - pretty sure Tony B is still alive and kicking.

I personally favor the 1-7 model so we can win more games and go bowling more often. Being older I accept reality, and reality is we are always going to be at or below the mid-point in the SEC. We are never going to be up there with Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, etc. Remember the year of the SEC-only schedule, we went 3-7 and that was considered acceptable because we were rebuilding. I prefer 8-5 with a bowl game and win in those years and fewer conference losses.

I was thinking about our permanent opponent in the 1-7 format, and I don’t think it would be Missouri as is the knee-jerk reaction. The in-states are paired with each other A&M-Texas, Auburn-Alabama, Ole Miss-State, Tennessee-Vandy. Then Florida-UGA. I suspect Oklahoma would want to renew their Big 8 rivalry with Missouri, Kentucky and Carolina get put together which would put us back with LSU. Of course, I always hear LSU wants a higher quality rival than the nobody-school to their North (thus A&M taking our Thanksgiving day game), so it could be they get paired with Oklahoma, then we’d be with Missouri.

But if it’s 3-6, pointless discussion. I assume in the 3-6 model, we’re stuck with Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri. I feel like the past 30 years have changed the dynamic and we’re a better fit with Ole Miss, State and LSU, but probably not happening.

I feel like we’ve gotten jacked around in terms of scheduling, etc, and keeping our SEC rivalries that are 3 decades in the making. Putting us back with our SWC rivals is a great excuse for doing it again – of course, Oklahoma has never been an Arkansas rival, but when you need to please all the BIGs of the SEC, facts don’t really matter. :grin:

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Texas wouldn’t have A&M as their single PR. They’d have OU. And LSU would have A&M.