Word on the street is McBride is on campus right now!

Huge get if Muss can pull it off!

Not so sure, maybe negative for 2020.

No disrespect to McBride (very good player), but getting him may cost us two players for next year’s class.

IMO he’s just as good as Walker with no threat of leaving early for China or the draft.

It’s not just Walker that I’m referring to.

He plays the same position as KK. Maybe just as good, which could point him (KK) away from here, and Moody and KK are good friends, and it could push him (Moses) away as well. So I guess him committing could actually cost us three players.

Now, I’m not saying we will lose all three, but it’s something that I’d look at.

Bird in the hand principle. If you can get a good player now, take him. You may not get KK or Moody anyway, then you pushed McBride away for nothing,.

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Just a gut feel, but think McBride is better than Walker and mire dependable long term. There is a lot that is unsettling about Walker.

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Their 'good friendship" didn’t stop either from leaving the state to finish playing in two different states. Why should it have an impact on whether or not they attend college together?

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As I said yesterday, Arkansas is not where they can turn down talent

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True dat

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Get McBride in the fold.
The numbers will be fluid the way Coach Muss runs his program and will work themselves out.

Go Hogs!

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I believe Walker signing alone would affect Moody. Arkansas is guard heavy next year with Joe, Jones, Harris and Sills. And it would be unknown by the November signing date whether Joe will go pro. Walker makes it heavier. And McBride more than heavier.

I strongly agree with this. would love to have McBride, he’s a baller and an “alpha” player.


Walker is being projected as a SF. Moody is being projected as a SG, Joe is a SG. McBride is being projected as a PG, KK as a PG. Walker shouldn’t affect Moody. However, McBride could affect KK’s decision, and because of their friendship, it could affect Moses’.

With his length and height, I really expect Moody to play SF or the third guard at the college level. That is why I had that take. But of course it depends on how Moody views it.

In my humble opinion, Arkansas’ chances with Moody would improve if they add talent.

Walker might not come here, might not be here more than a semester although I do not think he is a 1-and-done

When would Walker be eligible? When would McBride be eligible?

From what was said last night, Walker would be eligible Jan 2020 (this year), and McBride would be eligible Jan of next year (2021), unless he gets a waiver

Take McBride now and worry about the others later. DD said it right. We need talent and he is a talented player. Easy decision for me as I see it. No one pays me for my opinion, yet :tongue: