Word on the hill is...

if Malzahn loses the Peach Bowl, he’s gonna sign with Arkansas!

:? Time to let it go, its over and we couldn’t wait that long anyway, the fanbase would go nuts…

Awesome 6th post :roll:

I dug the Sarc!

I sure hope he loses the Peach Bowl just so he can be back on the hot seat again, he’s got seven years of it coming and will need some insulated butt pads.

The Gus ship has sailed forever and will begin to slowly sink. Not buying any Gus stock. He will standing in the same shoes as CBB in four years.

He can afford them



I hope Gus has to keep ice packs to sit on. But I’m proud he stayed I have never liked him. I did want Horton back on the hill.

I think the OP was being sarcastic, too. Going for humor, not trying to spread news or rumor

What’s wrong with Horton? He gave a lot of good years to the UofA, and would never have gone to the Barn if given the option.

Nothing is wrong with Horton. Horton would have been the bright spot of Gus on the hill. Horton is a Texas recruiting machine.

Oh sorry. Misread your first post. Thought it said didn’t want Horton back on the hill. My bad. :oops:

may still be open.