Word on Akial Byers

Is that he has been dropped by Bama.

Wonder if that opens the door for the Hogs somehow…,

He would have to be an incredible talent for them to keep him. Feel bad for the kid.


FWIW, I heard this was the case in Wednesday. I hate it for the kid.

Wasn’t he pretty far from academically qualifying? Maybe after Juco we can have a chance.

Who freaked out completely when we didn’t offer and pumped up Bama and their way of handling things?

Dang it you beat me to the punch! LOL

Why do you hate it for him?
He’s known what he needs to do for over a year, has been helped in every way possible, and still doesn’t even try to do things right, in school and in football.

I cannot answer for RD, but I hate it for him because he did know everything and failed to do it, and somewhere in the future he may very well regret that. As an adult who has had some youthful regrets, I understand how bad this can be. It doesn’t have to be, if he goes JUCO and gets everything straightened out. BTW, Alabama’s offering him may not have not have helped give him the drive he needed.

I understand where you’re coming from, and RD.
I wish nothing bad for the kid, I just know that RD knows way more than he can put on here, I know enough.

I just don’t “hate it” for a kid when he’s handled things the way he has. I regret things from my younger years also, but this kid has had every chance in the world. I mean just show up for practice and classes. Not to mention that I’ve been told he has few friends for a reason. Hopefully everything I’ve been told isn’t true.

I advocate signing Arkansas youngsters if things are even when measured against a like-positioned out of state recruits. But sometimes even a potentially highly talented individual just doesn’t have the drive to be a good citizen nor a good student.

Some have to be passed on.

I agree. I did not mean I hate it in that it’s wrong, but in that he apparently did not live up to the chances given, if what has been said is true. I just wonder, though, had Alabama just shown interest and not offered if that may have put a little drive in him. I know, though, some kids just don’t have that drive, period. But I certainly wish this young man the best, and hopefully, if he wants it bad enough, all will turn out well for him.

Like the man says. You recruit your own problems. Just because someone else is willing to take on those problems, doesn’t mean you should. Case in point, Korliss Marshall.

I am told he will have to make a big turnaround to make it in juco. He has to try and he hasn’t shown that he will do that.

I hate it for any kid that wastes an opportunity. I totally realize he’s made his own bed and has to deal with the consequences.

I agree on the Bama deal. Leave the carrot out front and hope the kid straightens out.

This is exactly why Arkansas does so much work ahead of time to try and not have these situations come up.

I understand the frustration, but the ball was always in his court.

Alabama can drop you and its no big deal because Saban is Teflon Nick.

But if Arkansas did this - at least on a regular basis - there would be hell to play via high school coaches in-state.

Really, though. Where are those posters? They ranted and raved for months. Saban was a taskmaster. Bielema was being too stubborn. If he was good enough for Bama, we were fools for passing on him.

And now, Saban yanks the offer the week before signing day and it’s crickets. Meanwhile, the kid is so off track he might not ever play football, again.

But, Bielema is lazy and unprepared and Saban an infallible genius.

I’m not saying Bielema doesn’t deserve criticism. He has earned some.

But, he continues to get ripped regarding his handling of in-state recruiting and this whole situation shows that when it comes to this issue he is handling it the right way.

I wonder if any of the posters who freaked out about him passing on Byers will jump in this thread and admit that.

I agree Notorious.

It’s also interesting to me that both Dudley and Richard have said that Coach B has made it clear to in-state recruits exactly what his process is. And they have said that the kids are all right with that.

That last sentence was what I was thinking. Arkansas knew what the situation was very, very early on.

Like Dudley said if you’re Arkansas once you’re in you’re in and no going back. Alabama or an out-of-state school isn’t held to the same standard.

Alabama does it all the time and in some instances it is much more egregious than this. Their handling of Philon was ridiculous. What they did to the Alabama kid last year that ended up at South Alabama was reprehensible.

But, it’s Saban. He wins and when he doesn’t, bakes in some excuses (Kiffin). And, the national media lap up his ridiculious behavior and treatment of others as Saban being Saban and being singularly focused.

He is a very good coach who is fortunate the Bama job fell in his lap. It has been a perfect fit that has led to tremendous success, myth-building and the excusing of a lot of behavior most wouldn’t tolerate from a teenager.

I got in touch with a friend who has recruiting contacts at Bama. The word he got is that, no, Byers won’t be eligible in August, but if he signs with Bama, goes to JC and graduates, evidently there is some law or rule that Bama would have to take him at that time.

Semi-related item: We were discussing the money side of recruiting (i.e., cheating). He says Ole Miss isn’t even in his top 10 of dirtiest CFB programs in the Southeast. Others are much worse, including one that has perfected a Process of recruiting. The favorite trick is to funnel money to kids/parents through their churches, which you may recall was the Cam Newton technique. And the NCAA investigator who “looked into” Cam’s recruitment is now an Auburn employee.