Word is

John Scott Jr. is possible candidate for the DL job at South Carolina.

Way too early to know where this will go.

Trying to be as objective as Ii can about this, not sure whether that would be a wise move or not. With any kind of progress, CM will be around here for at least 2 or 3 more years. Not so sure Muschamp will last that long.

Then again, I don’t know Scott’s history with regard to family, etc. I’d think we could match anything SC would offer him, if we wanted to keep him. Maybe it’s about leveraging a raise?

Guess we’ll find out.

He is from South Carolina.

And there you have it. That’s what I was referencing with my comment about his “family history”. Heading “home” can be a strong pull.

He went to school at Western Carolina and coached at Georgia Southern, so returning to that region might be appealing to him. Would hate to lose him because I think he did a decent job this last year. But a 2-10 season shouldn’t get anybody a raise. (I know contractually the Chief got a raise for returning.)

What does this do to our recruiting class? Any in jeopardy?

Dante Walker is his guy, but he lacks commitable offers from other SEC schools and I doubt he signs with Arkansas.

Not saying it’s 100%, but I’m going to say he does.

It would be a welcome surprise…

He had a very good semester.

As long as you didn’t follow that with a wink wink, or had air quotes around a good semester then that is good news LOL

Anytime you haven’t heard yes or no by this time it usually indicates a coach is likely headed elsewhere. We’ll see.

John Scott is good with the players. He’s able to work through difficult situations at times. I think he’s thought highly of around campus. I will say that he was probably a big reason McTelvin Agim stayed for a fourth season. Scott and Agim work well together. He got a lot out of Armon Watts last year in what was a two-year process of getting him in gear. Previous DL coach did not ever play Watts.

FWIW, I believe it’s John’s job to take at SC. This would get him closer to his kids.

Don’t think this is his only option either.

I would hate it if we lost Coach Scott! I can understand his reason but my concern would be in how long Muschamp will make it at South Carolina. I believe they have THE hardest schedule in SEC next year and some have indicated they wouldn’t be shocked if they finished under .500 because of it. That would be another down year based on expectations last year and may have him on shaky ground. Who knows though and hope he stays!