woohoo finally!!

about time we got a break!!

Then two runs off their closer with a 0.00 ERA. Fletcher comes through bigtime!

Cole’s triple factored in as well! Way to battle.

Surprised the centerfielder didn’t try to play that as a double, but once he was committed he came close but couldn’t quite get it.

I thought that was a big mistake from the outfielder. You can’t leave your feet in that situation.

Obviously, he thought he had a bead on it, but it just kept slicing. Play it into a double, it’s second and third and you still have the lead. I’m sure his coach will have a long talk with him about it.

Players get caught up in the moment and go for it!

Reminded me a little of that play in the World Series Game 5 where Houston’s George Springer dived for a ball which became a triple. Of course he led off the next half-inning and hit one halfway to Austin. The SoCal guy didn’t get that chance to redeem himself.

This. Gotta know the game and the situation. The USC CF went for a spectacular play and just missed, and it cost them tying run and put them in a nearly impossible situation to prevent the winning run from scoring. High risk, high reward. Low risk and you still have the advantage, especially with a closer who had yet to give up a run this season.

It’s basic baseball that a college outfielder has to know. He probably got a lecture from his coach and every player on the team on the flight back to LA. I know how that works on road trips. At some point, there is a message from the coach for the player to join him in the seat next to him. Not fun.

I guess it would be in bad taste if our team all
signed a thank you note and sent it to him. :smiley: