Woodz Elite's Payton Brown not just a shooter

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … t-shooter/

Payton doesn’t wow you as an athlete, but he can get to the basket pretty well.

I remember seeing Dusty Hannahs as a senior at PA and thought he was a much better athlete than must thought and I also thought he was SEC capable.

Dusty made a big jump in athleticism from his junior to senior year. Brown needs to do similar.

Richard I dont know how you do all this. Going from game to game in Vegas, while also throwing out hoops articles right and left, while also talking to sources on football recruits and posting on this board about both sports. Do you have a twin? Lol, appreciate your hard work it is impressive.

Thanks Lynn.

Sorry for not posting much on Saturday. My neck and right arm was very tight and made it tough to type. I needed some time away from the puter.