Woods vs Jacobs video

Woods who has good speed but not the elite speed that we will see runs right by Jerry Jacobs very easily. I thought Jacobs had more speed to be honest, wonder if he’s 100% healthy?

That is not a good look.

False step by Jacob’s early probably anticipating a different route, when it was a Go for the wr the whole time. If no safety help, then yes cause for concern

Thats true that he kinda took a false step because I have seen other clips in practice where he has made great plays. I think he plays somewhere on this defense because he is a heavy hitter very sure tackler

I have a feeling Woods has picked up a step. Jacobs has good speed.

That would be great Clay because we need another person besides Burke’s who can get separation

On Monday, Jacobs’ top speed was clocked at a shade under 21 mph, fastest among defensive backs. Mike Woods just got the best of him in that clip.

I’m assuming without pads on?
Because if that’s supposed to be with pads on, I do not believe it, atleast it’s not accurate.

The fastest guys in the NFL don’t run sub 21 in pads

Players were in shells on Monday. Should have clarified. Tuesday was the first day in full pads.

If you look at the second part of the clip, with the sideways angle, you can see the stutter from Jacobs at the 0:10 mark. No reason to do it because Woods didn’t even break stride, so he was just guessing on the route.

Yeah when I saw this for the first time I was like, I have seen him make great plays and appear faster than that, like you say it was just a play where he got beat,was probably thinking too much, thought he saw something and that allowed himself to get beaten more mentally than physically, didn’t have enough to make up for the mistake. I have been extremely high on him so I will just chalk it up as a play where he wasn’t at his best.

What do you mean the second part of the clip with the sideways angle?

Video clip from Twitter shows two camera angles. First one is more head-on, while second one is from across the field.

Can’t see the stutter in first angle because he goes out of camera view. But you can clearly see it from second angle.

DBs get beat. All of them do. Gotta have short memory.

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Ok I don’t have Twitter,just copied this elsewhere…

Clay, I’ve seen several of Woods’ clips on Twitter. He looks GREAT! there’s one where he burns Jacobs on a GREAT comeback, really sold it with his head, planted his leg, created great separation. He looks fast, aggressive, strong. Goodness, he looks like an LSU receiver.

By all accounts Jacobs is very fast, including NFL scouts. have no idea if he’s injured or tired or what.

But Woods appears to be ready for a breakout year. Along wtih Treyon. And Rakeem. And cunningham and stromberg…just sayin’


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From what I’ve heard from my friend in the AD, Jacobs has had a very good camp. That’s just one play that we see. He has 3 INT’s and several pass break ups so far. Several WR’s have mentioned, in articles that I’ve read anyway, that he is having a great camp and is physical. Just an FYI…

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I forget, but are college corners allowed to jam the receiver within the first several yards from scrimmage?
If so, I would’ve liked to see that technique used in this clip.

What I see is an aggressive DB. He tried to guess the route to be in position to make a play. Had he guessed right, everyone would be talking about what a great play it was on his part. Playing DB is very difficult, and this type of thing happens all the time with aggressive DBs. In a game situation he would probably have safety help. I’d rather see a DB get beat while being aggressive than seeing a DB get beat while playing safe. And I’ve seen a lot of safe DBs get beat the last few years on this team…


Yes, they can press/jam the WR in college.

He didn’t use that technique because that wasn’t the defensive call. If it was, he would have used that technique.