Wondering who HY will chose ---------------

----------------------------- will it be:

  1. A great coach who has a checkered past but, if all of that is behind him, could be a great hire?
    Kiffin, Leach, Norvell, Sarkasian, Charlie Strong, etc.
  2. A “diamond in the rough”. A lower level coach who has great potential and just needs the right opportunity to be the next “great hire” when we look back five years from now? Skip Holtz, Fritz, Drinkwitz, Napier, Anderson, etc.
  3. Someone none of us expected? Maybe a successful coach in another conference who would love to come to the SEC West and prove themself? Maybe a pro coach who wants to come back to the college level?

I have heard/seen enough of us fans arguing about who should be picked. I am ready to move on to can the new guy make an impact immediately on recruiting?

  1. Ha ha ha ha … very true. Out of left field.

Regional ties - born and raised in Oklahoma, coached in Texas

Offensive background

Proven program builder

P5 experience

I have a feeling HY will have strong interest in Justin Fuente. Would Fuente be interested in moving back to where he came from?

Wouldn’t surprise me if it isn’t Drinkwitz or Holtz or maybe someone else with a Z in their name. I’ll just be glad when the new coach is named and he’s out recruiting getting the guys needed to revive a once proud program. If the Hogs beat Mizzou would the interim hat be discarded for Lunney ? WPS

Should have said right field, you’re on the wrong coast

Whoever gets hired, I hope they offer Pittman megabucks to coach our line. He’s worth it.

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He would be the poster child for #3 above.
This reads like the program is falling apart but they are 7-3 & #25 ranked.

I have no idea who he’ll hire. None. There are some I’m not too crazy about, some I’d prefer, but whoever gets the nod will get my full support until he’s no longer the coach here. I just hope that support can be enthusiastic brought about all the winning.

Have to wonder how serious an option Fuente was in 2017. U of A would not be in the situation it finds itself in now had he been hired. Solid choice. Move his name toward the top.

and as we both know he built the program Norvell is benefiting from as we speak. He also played QB for Nutt at Murray St.

Fuente absolutely built Memphis. Coached at TCU, Texas connection. Wish he had SEC experience.
Fuente HC. Lunney OC. Pittman OL/Associate HC. James Shibest Special Teams
DC ?

I just heard Luke Fickell from the other channel’s Mike Irwin…has he ever been right
about anything before?

Unfortunately, yes he has. Not very often, but…

Would believe the following are HY’s shortlist, all of whom with ties in or near AR and relatively young (age 30s - 40s) up & comers.
Fuente: Tulsa ties & proven program builder at Memphis. He assumed a strong Beamer program at VT & has not disappointed. VT buyout is high but not overwhelming. Was FL short list before they hired Mullen. Would be a solid candidate.
Norvell: Assumed Memphis turnaround from Fuente. Has maintained that success & high level of energy, but can he rebuild AR?
Kiffin: Can recruit & rebuild, but how long will will he stay & how ugly would his departure be? A long & repeated history of baggage. AR would be a great stepping stone for Kiffin who would love to beat Saban.
Drinkwitz: Appears to be a great future candidate but only 1 yr. as HC at App St. Since he beat 2 Power 5 teams, including So. Car, that would make a lot of our fans happy. He & wife would like to return home to AR. Probably not enough history to hire but perhaps in 4 yrs.

Good list.

No ties, but if I’m HY I do all in my power to try and convince Matt Campbell he needs to be at a flagship university at the best conference in America. Assuming he’s interested I make him a top 10 offer in terms of $ and security. He is an elite, special coach.

Fuente would be #2 given the remarkable program rebuild at Memphis.

Leach #3 - rebuilt WSU and would be reinvigorated by SEC challenge he has always wanted. Another plus is his brand/popularity with the CFB media. This is an important consideration given how badly tarnished our brand is.

Norvell #4

Just don’t think there is enough of a HC track record with Drink - proven track record of winning HC experience a must.

PS I think Campbell and Fuente are likely long shots at best.

Terrible list…absent a lot…Kiffin is the only one with even mentioning…

If you have a better list, then lay it out. If you have a problem with a suggested list of candidates, then explain why you disagree. That is why we are all here.

I like Napier a lot and he has experience working with both Swinney and Saban. Just don’t think he has the amount of head coaching experience that is needed. My wife graduated from ULL and he does have them rolling this year and seems to be a very good offensive coach. Think he will be a very successful head coach in a major program someday.

Jackson, I was about to respond to this, but you did it for me, better than I would have. thx!


I lived in VA for 9 years and can tell you that VA Tech fans are a bit disappointed in Fuente. I was really high on him when he left Memphis and thought VA Tech got a great placement for Beamer. Fans there still remember the great years Frank and Bud had at VA Tech.

VA Tech should be a gold mine for recruiting. I can tell you first hand that the great high school football players in VA think first a bout VA Tech, not UVA. Where that campus is located, they used to be the first pick for most North Carolina recruits. And, in W VA, most of the top recruits preferred VA Tech (almost on the W VA border) over West Virginia. They also pull recruits from Maryland and the DC area.

Many VA Tech fans feel that Fuente is underachieving so far. I loved what he did at Memphis, but am much less impressed with what he’s done at VA Tech. Beamer was a great coach at VA Tech, but he coached just a few years too many and Tech had begun to slide just a bit. I thought Fuente would quickly get them back to the level they were in Frank’s “hey day”, but he isn’t showing that’s going to happen.

edit: this wasn’t meant to be in reply to dfwtex. I don’t know what I did for that to happen.