Arkansas loses to Mississippi State and the usually quite boards light up with comment and debates. I’m entertained.

Most prediction on today’s game mirror the Miss. ST. predictions. I viewed today’s game as a sure W until the true razorback team showed their colors at Minnesota. Unless there is a drastic turn of events expect Missouri to take this to the wire by hitting the offensive glass. Not that it matters since any NCAA bid blew out the window against Miss. St.

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … acketology

These guys don’t know anything they are just the 2 leading experts on predicting brackets.

We have 14 games left! Are u kidding me?! No one in the SEC is out of it with 14 games left. We have some of the worst fans when it comes to giving up after a bad loss! We have plenty of time to get better. You guys forget we won a neutral site game against Texas, & have a good win on the road against Tennessee. The season is far from over. We are only 4 games in so calm down.

You get my vote for best first post. Well said and welcome to the board.

Funny thing is, a few weeks back I said I thought Florida was a must win. Thought we may start out 0-3. Everyone (most of the ones now crying sky is falling) disagreed. Said with the games after KY, we had a favorable schedule. Under most scenarios that was said on here, after Miss St we were gonna be 1-3 and it wouldn’t matter because the hardest part of our conference schedule was behind us. Guess what we are still 1-3 and that part of our schedule is behind us, so what changed?

You go girl!!
Let them have it.
Cool name too.

BTW great post for the 1st one!!

That’s why we are here…to entertain you. Let us know if we let you down.

Thanks guys! Glad to see us get back to winning today. I know it’s a bad Mizzou team but they play hard & we played better. We will need to up that effort when we go to A&M but I think we are getting back on track. I think we looked bad against MSU partly because it took so much emotion to keep up with UK & we were a little tired & had a bit of a let down.

Just keep winning. That’s the cure for all! WPS!


That’s why we are here…to entertain you. Let us know if we let you down.
[/quote]Thank you. One way or another the games should be entertaining. If not winning, I enjoy the boards.