Wonder why Felipe Franks was not drafted?

As I write this, it is the 6th round of the draft, and he has not gotten a call. Sam Erlinger, the Texas quarterback with the cankles got a call. Why not Felipe who has a pro arm. Strange.

It sometimes is about need. A team needs something else. And we saw him hold the ball last year. You will get sacked a lot in NFL doing that.

Believe you are right there Clay. I believe what separates a college qb from a pro the most is the pros ability to quickly read the right guy.

Sometimes it works out better to go undrafted. You can pick your team and they need extra quarterbacks to throw in camp.

He will make a practice squad somewhere hopefully

He signed a free agent contract with the Falcons.

Yeah I thought he might go Late .I think he can play in the NFL if put on the right team and right OC so we will.see,wish him the best,really grew to like him

I shudder to think how the 2020 season would have gone had Feleipe not come to Arkansas. It was not a good season, but it was one that was generally positive with hope for the future.