Wonder when the Leach article drops this week

Suggesting how much he wanted to coach at Arkansas etc.

Seems a Wally Hall type article coming given Leach’s success against LSU and some that may subtly stir pot as to whether we have the right guy.

I think we do.

I seem to recall Leach’s name in the running but unsure if we were not willing to pay, or whether we didn’t want to take a chance on a more controversial figure in coaching at this time.

Makes for some interesting story lines I guess going into Saturday

I wanted Leach, I’ve just loved that guy since TT. Maybe i’m influenced by how much he has openly praised arkansas fans through the years. Or maybe I just like characters-if all coaches behaved like Belichek and saban, it would take a lot of the fun our of college sports.

or maybe I like how he takes programs like us (the “have-nots” of their conferences), and does great things with them.

anyway, he’s always been fun, always been productive, and I’m glad he’s in our conference.

remember his “Minister of Offense” quote-classic!

Now don’t get me wrong-I wouldn’t trade Sam for anyone, I really, really like our coach and I pray that he’s successful here for the next decade.


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That is much the way that I feel. I like Mike and wish that we had hired him when we hired Chad. That being said, I do think that we have a solid coach here now who understands our culture and what it takes to win here.



I didn’t want Leach. I thought he was too weird. That said, I didn’t know we would hire an unproven assistant. Now, I am all about giving Sam a chance and I am NOT bashing him. I am just saying when I said “no” to Leach, if you would have said, “OK, here are your two choices, Leach or Pittman” I would have gone with Leach. I probably would have grumbled about my choices, but I would have gone with Leach.

We have chosen Pittman. I support him and hope it turns out to be a great hire. We will see.

Just for the record, I liked the BP hire (turned out I was wrong, it just wasn’t clear right away). I liked the Smith hire for a one year deal (boy was I wrong about that, bad hire). I didn’t like the BB hire (I was right). I didn’t like the Morris hire. (I was right). So my opinion on coaching hires is spotty at best.

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I like Leach I think he would of been a good short term fix at Arkansas but Sam Pittman is a better long term fix I think

Yes I know Coach Sam’s age but he appears to be a better fit as I think he will build a better foundation

Leach - well as I love his offense - could he really of done any better with what we have?

I dont think so - mst has been
Out recruiting us did years now

Coach Sam is the right guy - it’s just not going to be pretty for a couple more years

Painful - it’s bee. Horrible since 2012

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Everyone, my self included, needs to move on from the Petrino era. Yeah, it was fun playing in BCS bowl and it was even better to win the Cotton Bowl and finish #5 in the country.

It takes a special coach to accomplish that level of success at Arkansas. This job is not the black hole that the national media keeps talking about, but it takes a really good coach to have that level of success. Everyone needs to give Coach Pittman a real chance to build a top program. The competition is the best in college football. He has some SEC players, but he needs some more studs to compete and beat the top SEC teams.

We need to get through this year and win a game or two. Then we can make a significant move up the SEC standings. I will back coach P as long as we make progress. It will take some patience because we are not a top 25 team now and have not been one since Jeff Long fired Bobby Petrino.

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