Wonder what Starkel thinks about not starting

im pretty sure he knows he will play Sat but he bolted Tam when Monds won the job just curious as to what is going on in his mind.

I hope we haven’t gotten to the point where any QB who doesn’t start the first game decides it’s time to leave.

He didn’t bolt. He spent two more semesters, got his degree and put himself in position to play two more seasons at his next stop.

I have a pretty good relationship with him, talking with him during the recruiting process, spending time with him this summer in Frisco and being around him since he arrived.

He was well aware of the fact that Hicks would likely get first shot, but has extreme confidence in himself and expects to be starting sooner than later.

He’s also got two years and is in this for the long haul.

Well he left however you want to phrase it but good to know he was like most of us expecting Hicks to start game one.

I hope he’s pissed off and his resolve is strengthened to work harder and win that job.

There are 21 other guys who got beat out for the first team…I hope they all feel this way. I hope each of those guys is mad and hungry for that first team position.

I have posted this before…Tommy Tuberville spoke at the Little Rock Touchdown Club a few years ago and said for a team to be competitive in the SEC it had to have 44 guys who were SEC quality players. We probably don’t have 44, but we have more than we did last year, I would bet.

You used the word bolted, not left. To me that has a bad connotation.

I would have agreed with you if you had just used the word left.

Also, I didn’t say he was expecting it or happy about. He’s not and that’s a good thing.

How 'bout them Cardinals! :sunglasses:

I don’t even recognize the Cardinals.

It’s been another fun August.

Hopefully this September will be better than last September.

Will we beat Ole Miss?

This might provide some insight in what the QB and head coaches expectations on this subject might be. Similar to what CM told Sosa in the spring.

https://soundcloud.com/hitthatline/form … s-and-more

Yes I agree with you bolted probably not the proper term since he did stay two semesters which I did not know. But you also said he was well aware that hicks would likely get the first shot which means he who this was going to be an uphill battle and had to be expecting to some degree IMO but was going to do everything he could to start the first game and I very much admire him not backing away from the opportunity. I feel like he probably is the best QB but it’s just not prepared enough to run the whole offense yet.

OM I think it’s very beatable.they are going to have to start basically a brand new offensive line that will have very little experience which means our defensive line should be able to handle them better than some of the other offensive lines in the SEC. I think their defense will be very sporadic and we have a chance to make some big plays. I think this game will boil down to whoever makes the least mistakes and doesn’t give the game away.

I don’t think anyone thinks he “bolted” but that’s OK. I see words used that are sometimes too strong for the situation, but probably OK. I like some phrases better than others.

I see players who leave the NFL and say they retired. Others would say they quit. In some cases quit is too strong a word. But so be it.

Don’t know how the Cardinals got into conversation but really how bout them Yankees

The Yankees scare me. I am stunned that they have won so many games with so many injuries. I read a story early in the season from a New York writer wondering if they could hold it together until some of the injured returned. Wow. Did they.

If he was aware that Hicks would get the first shot, I wonder why he came here. Were there not other options in other P5 schools? When kids transfer, immediate playing time is the top consideration.

Once again, Starkel knew Hicks was the leader in the clubhouse due to his being here earlier, but did not give in to the idea that he would not have a chance to be the guy.

He came here because he believes he can be the guy this year and next.

He still thinks he is going to be.

He is not afraid of competition.