Wonder if we post up Umude tonight against their small guards?

I know he can hit open three’s. But I bet he can also hit the elbow over the top of those guys.

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No doubt Muss will be taking advantage of our size at every position possible tonight. WPS

I think Umude will do a little bit of it all.
Post up, cut to the rim and take the 3!
The key and million dollar question will be will Notae and the other hogs find Umude when he is open? The same applies to Toney. Balance scoring will be key to win in the dance.
I like the draw and bracket the hogs are in. The Zags sure don’t look like the #1 team in the country. UCONN is down by 10 against New Mexico St. our hogs just need to take care of business in their game.

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