Wonder if there was more to Muss/TX than we realized?

This article seems to suggest.

Glad Beard took the job and wish Muss would sign a new deal with us soon.

I wouldn’t put much stock in that article other than Muss was probably on their (and many others) wish list. I don’t think they got far with Muss. That’s probably for PR as much as anything.

Yeah. Noticed it was an " un-named UT Source" he was quoting.

Altman and Muss were supposedly “runners up”. Perhaps they were in Texas “top 3 wish list”. I have a feeling neither were interested. Altman, despite his 24 hours as the Hogs’ head coach, has had an amazing 11 year career at Oregon. Can’t imaging him leaving. 11 straight 20 win seasons. 2 Sweet Sixteens, an Elite Eight, and a final Four. No first round losses in the NCAA Tourney. He has a 72% winning percentage at Oregon. I imagine he’s set to retire in Oregon.

I don’t think UT contacted anyone other than Beard. It never got to Plan B.

Correct, they had one guy targeted, and got him. Unnamed sources are agents trying to drive up salaries for their guys, 99% of the time.

Muss to Texas=No, never.

No. I don’t think they were contacted either. I just said I don’t believe either one was interested in the job.

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