Wonder If Franks Comes Back

Next year? Or has he played well enough this year to get a decent shot in the NFL draft? He’s definitely a good leader and a good arm, plus another year getting a groove with receivers in this offense.
I bet CSP and Briles would love to have him back.

I think he’s gone.

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I think he’s shown all he is likely to show at the college level. Does hold the ball too long, but his completion percentage, yards per attempt, deep ball capability, and pocket mobility seem to say he is ready for coaching on another level.

Only issue is whether there are already too many highly ranked QBs in this class, but I don’t see him as among the top ranked this year or next.

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He’s gone daddy gone
And he ain’t comin back
Which is why I’m doin all this stewin
Down by the railroad track

Franks has matured tremendously since his days as a Gator.
Slightly above average athlete.
Does hold ball a little too long at time…needs better protection.
My guess, he comes back if he truly thinks he can get paid in the NFL. And we will
be better next year.

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As I just said in another thread, convincing Feleipe to come back would be my #1 recruiting job if I am Pittman. A super-senior Franks with another year in the system and an improved O-line (I assume anyway…let’s hope), I think our offense would really blossom next year.

I go after Clary, Rakeem, Devion and others on offense too!

On defense…I just assume Morgan will be back! I doubt we can keep Marshall though.

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He has a good arm and a decent long ball. He runs better than it looks. He holds the ball too long, and his decision making is suspect. He doesn’t see the field well. I’m not convinced he is the best QB on the team right now, just the most experienced.

I think his future is baseball, not the NFL

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If his future is baseball, and I have no idea, could he possible be in any better place than he is right now? If that is his desire, he needs to be beating on DVH door.

I for one would love to see him back next fall! Doubt it happens. Heck, if he is good enough, would love to see him this spring.

After missing a year with a severe injury, I’d think he would go to the NFL is he a top draft pick? No, but he can probably make a roster.

Playing pro Baseball hard enough if you been playing every yr but to not be playing and make it is astronomically hard.

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He was drafted and signed with the Boston Red Sox in the 2019 draft. He’s not eligible for College Baseball anymore.

He’s getting NFL looks currently, probably won’t return.

I think he is the prototypical take-a-chance QB for the NFL. That arm alone–along with the way he conducts himself–I have to believe that someone would take a chance on him between 4th and 6th round.

he will never again be the RPO QB that Briles needs for his offense, and every senior who returns means one less freshman which puts the emphasis on talent. TN has already told most of their seniors that they are not returning which is a reflection of the quality of their recruiting under Pruitt compared to former regimes. Franks coming back probably opens the portal door pretty wide for one or both of our FR QB’s who came in highly acclaimed. Devion Warren and Feleiepe would be mainstays and solidify whatever we get to start the season next year. Cunningham would be a big maybe for me. How good our incoming FR class is should be the overriding factor.

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Trask has played phenomenal with a bevy of real good receivers and an excellent offensive line. Felipe has had to perform under much more duress. If the roles were reversed there could be a completely different story line.


Happy that Franks chose Arkansas, he may not be the flashiest, but he does his job. I think he’s probably gone. He’s proven he’s matured, was voted a team captain and performed well against top competition with what many consider the less talented roster. Going pro now probably means he goes to a better roster with a veteran QB which allows him to sit and learn before given an opportunity to play. I believe he has the tools, he just needs the right situation.

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Partially agree with you Deja. Glad he’s been here to help restart the team and hope for his success wherever he goes but obviously he’s not ready for the pros yet. It won’t take but one good time for him to hold the ball too long in the pros and his career could end.

I think he’s gone unless he tanks in the last three games.

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You serious?

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I think that depends on his fastball. 95+ no problem regardless of exp.