Wonder how many times Muss has watched the ORU game already?

I’m guessing many

Yep, beginning Sunday night.

I’m hoping he is watching the tape of the Ohio State and Florida games more closely

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I’m sure he is watching all of the games ORU has played in the Tourn and our previous game with them. Plus film on some others during the season.
I just hope he is sleeping some this week.

Their video operation is very extensive.

Full tapes, individual cut ups, etc.

Preparation is not an issue

I can’t imagine how hard it is to be a manager for Muss, DD. I don’t know about you, but I doubt very seriously that Muss would have hired me out of high school. Although you had a leg up on me with your relationship with Charles.

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Yes, I had several opportunities because of Charles.

Before Arkansas jumped it, it was very likely that we were going to Harding - him for basketball, me as a scholarship safety that would have also played point guard.

Or gone to Arkansas State as a safety.

But I would say the right decision was made when Arkansas jumped in.

I certainlu would not have the energy to be a Muss manager now, but I would have back in the day.

Just ask anybody who saw me the Gazebo or Maxine’s or The Library.

My late mom thought I was always studying because I was at the library.

I was instead at “The Library” - which was not on campus and did not have any books.


My wifes family is from Newport. They moved to Pine Bluff cira 53 the year she was born. In Newport her dad and grandfather owned Hayden’s Grocery. Sam Walton was a frequent customer typically picking up supplies when he was headed bird hunting. I’m glad you and Charles choose Arkansas. And his shot at the PB Convention center that beat North Carolina is one of my favorite Razorback moments.

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Don’t forget River City and Doc Murdocks. I would have had the energy to manage for Muss, I’m just not sure I’m tech savvy enough. Of course we didn’t have to be in those days. Honestly, all I did to get a manager job was spend every afternoon in Barnhill watching practice. Every single day. One day I got the courage to ask Coach Stehlik what I could do to be a manager. He had me work all of Coach Richardson’s summer camps, and told me we would talk after that. I guess I did good enough, because I got my dream job. I lived for Razorback Basketball. Still do. When I was a senior in high school, I drove on icy roads all the way to Drake Field to welcome the team home after we made the 1990 Final Four. So many great memories, and this team brings a lot of those feelings back. Go Hogs!

Yes, the memories were special and forever.

I kind of feel like I was an Uber driver back then for Darrell Walker, Alvin, Charles, Joe, etic,


I know that’s right. An UNPAID Uber driver, lol. Lee Mayberry and Clint McDaniel stole my car one time when we played at Tulsa, and brought it back on E. True story.

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I’m fully locked in at this point.

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Wow just think Dudley. Had you played and become all conference safety at ASU, Maybe you be on this board now telling how scared Hogs are to play the Injuns/Wolves?

Sorry Bud couldn’t resist, I know better.

My proof reading needs improvement. Obviously. :sunglasses:

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My thoughts on that were formed in my teen years, haven’t changed since I became a sports writer and I doubt will ever change.

I think it will be fun to cover and will be good for the state of Arkansas.

Dudley at Hardly College in Scarcely, Arkansas? Dodged a bullet there.

No one went there who wasn’t a freshman…in my day.

Sweet Maxine. Never saw a fake ID in her life. Good times…

Dang, Dudley, you just brought back some of my fondest UofA memories! Gazebo (AKA Sleazebo) and their signature Rocket Fuels … instant intoxication!

Having said that … best time ever was Quarter Beer Nite (Thursdays) at Norma Jeans.

Watch your mouth