Won’t Really Know What We’ve Got

Until after recruiting class is signed for 2019. This years class is a crap shoot because of the early signing & we won’t be able to see what kind of recruiters & more importantly what kind of CLOSERS we have until we sign next years class. Recruiting them & gettting them to visit is one thing, but delivering them to campus enrolled & playing is another. As stated before, it takes a while to develop some of these relationships with the kids, although I bet a lot of those are in place because of their TX ties.
I also think this staff needs this spring practice to see what they really have to fit their scheme, in order to get players that they can develop & grow for the right fit. Watching tape from last year helps, but putting players thru the paces of a new scheme will tell the tale. These boys better be running a lot, including the linemen on offense.

I don’t necessarily think it’s true that this staff can’t make an impact over the next few weeks. I remember what Charlie Partridge and Sam Pittman were able to accomplish in the few weeks between their hires and signing day with the commitments of Alex Collins, Denver Kirkland and Dan Skipper.

Of course, Partridge and Pittman were great recruiters.

So far, they have gotten folks to flip (Bishop) or agree to visit (several four stars out of Texas that are now interested who before weren’t) that the old staff failed to do. That pretty much was cancelled out by the commits that we lost due to the turn over of the staff, the recruits desire to sign early, and the short time or no time to get to know their position coaches before they flipped. Flanagan to OkState, Bohannon to Baylor, and Jones to Notre Dame for instance. So, they handled the change to the new staff well enough to break even and that is as good as you could expect with the early signing date. They seem to have lined up recruits equal to Flanagan and Jones so that may not be a net loss. They wanted Bohannon, but, with the low number of scholarships, I suspect they will stick with Noland as the lone QB in this class with Jones as a blueshirt to help out. So, Bohannon’s loss may not be a big deal in the end.

Now, we get to see if the full staff can recruit. Chavis, Caldwell, Cooper, etc. will have to bring some recruits in who they have ties with, since they have little time to build new relationships with new recruits. CCM, with no defensive coaches helping him recruit, has gotten an impressive number of defensive recruits to agree to visit to see if they like our defensive staff. Overall, I expect us to come up with a better class than we were headed for with CBB. Next year’s class will show the real recruiting power of this new staff. We should wait until then to draw any serious conclusions. JMVHO

I know what kind of recruiter Steve Caldwell has always been: A plus. If the rest of this staff is close to him, this program will take off in a couple of years, maybe sooner. You can’t expect freshmen to tear up the SEC West. You can plug in a couple but they make mistakes and that costs you games. Patience. I know SEC fans have little of that. But it’s required with this kind of transition and staff change.

" You can’t expect freshmen to tear up the SEC West." Clay, if they play for Alabama they can. I watched the National Championship game. And that qb from Georgia was pretty dang good too.


" You can’t expect freshmen to tear up the SEC West." Clay, if they play for Alabama they can. I watched the National Championship game. And that qb from Georgia was pretty dang good too.

[/quote]Both of those QB’s played behind great OLines; and both were 5 stars. Both recruited by Bama, too.

I’m very interested to see how many A&M defensive recruits we get to visit. They wanted to play for Chavis, so let’s see what happens.

Mark Smith is a question mark to me.

I do not see the value here.

Probably would if you’ve ever coached with him, my guess.

Chad must trust himz

Our defensive staff looks pretty impressive, in my view. We haven’t had a defensive coordinator with this pedigree, maybe ever. I am excited about the focus on defense. We sure as heck need it. I do know this… When Arkansas was in its golden era of the 60’s when we finished in the AP Top Ten 7 years out of 10 and won a National Championship in 1964, we had Texas ties and recruited Texas like Oklahoma does now. Coach Morris has the Texas background to do what Coach Broyles and his staff used to do as far as going to Texas and getting good players. I expect us to improve and be competitive in 2-3 years. I am old, but I will try to be patient.

I expect this years class to be good, but we won’t truly KNOW this staff’s pull until this time next year. I think this staff is a huge upgrade in recruiting over the last staff, especially on defense, which was supposed to be CBB strength. Maybe this bunch can finally land us a top 10 class next year or the year after.

The Texas draw is awesome! Will be lots of boots on the ground this spring in east Texas. This is looking good so far.