Won’t buy season tickets next year....

nope won’t be suckered into watching us doing the same things with the same results.

I love CMA to death, but my spirit is broken.

my last year buying them also. Too hard to watch. I made that decision before the game. Looks like I made the correct choice.

I will continue to get season tickets, but my 4 seats will be empty the rest of the year if the product put on the court is similar to what we witnessed tonight.

That’s the spirit, don’t actually support when their down only show up when things go well. That helps the team and recruiting.

I believe last night’s game was the worst I have ever seen in Bud Walton or Barnhill. The crowd was dead until the last run. Outside of Mason Jones, it was an awful display of basketball. When you have a first round NBA pick, you have to get him involved . After scoring the first two baskets, most of his offense was rebounding missed shots. The refs were horrible all night, but we need to adjust our play to the way the game is being called. Gafford had several poor fouls away from the basket.

The 4 was horrible again. Bailey and Gabe should be limited to dunks and layups. The team should set hard picks to allow the 3 point shooters ( Joe and Jones ) clear shots. Go back and look at Pat Bradley coming off screens and scoring.

I like Mike Anderson but I hated last night’s game. I hope that CMA can fix a lot of the flaws in this team. Things must get better. After football, my appetite for poor performance is gone. This team has played 15 games and should be able to at least contend at home against mediocre opponents.

Get Better. WPS.

I’d actually decided prior to this game I likely wouldn’t renew this year and I’ll be surprised if I change my mind at this point.

Too much time, money, effort given to continue to support this caliber of product. If I lived in NWA it could change things but I don’t.

Work hard all day, drive through rush hour traffic to just feel miserable and pissed off all night. Is that a rational thought for a 47 yr old? No LOL. But at this point I’m not changing.

I can pocket the extra thousands and get that horrible feeling all from the comforts of home.

I get it. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to a game and driving home thinking you’ve wasted your money. I’m a Cowboys fan and drove to Arlington the other night for the playoff game. I had always wanted to attend a playoff game but thought a lot on the drive there whether it was worth the money we were spending. Dallas won and my wife and I had a great time and I haven’t thought about the money spent until posting this just now, but I’m sure I would have felt differently had the outcome been different.

That said, Arkansas basketball season-ticket holders have had a great return on investment since Mike Anderson has been the coach. He has won 117 of 137 games at Bud Walton. There haven’t been many programs send their fans home happy that much in eight seasons.

I thought the team was 10-4, not 4-10.

Seriously, when you guys seen how young we were this year, did any of you think we’d be the greatest team in the world at the beginning of January, we all knew this team would be a work in progress and there would be some times these young guys look like young guys.

I’m as frustrated as anyone about the loss last night, but Florida isn’t some scrub team either, they’ve played a really tough non-conference schedule and they are a top 50 NET team that’s projected as a tournament team in most brackets. They came in with a game plan to shut Gafford down and clog the paint and make other guys make shots. We missed open shots plain and simple, had Isiah Joe shot his normal percentage and made his free throws (which he normally does) we win this game. This is the first time I seen Joe miss so many open shots, Barry Booker, who called the game was even shocked at all the wide open shots he was missing. But, it happens with young players. The SEC grind is a lot different than the high school grind, wears your body down, they gotta learn to adjust to it and be ready to play 2 really tough and physical games every week for the next 2 months.

I haven’t given up on this team yet, we have 4 losses, by a combined 10 points, we’re a few boneheaded mistakes away from probably being a ranked team right now. I said in another thread, Adrio Bailey has now made 2 critical late game mistakes that cost us games, I think CMA has got to address that and start giving his minutes to someone else. Usually after a tough loss like this he makes adjustments and tinkers with the lineup, I suspect we’ll see Chaney playing a lot more moving forward and CMA will get these guys back on track. I expect them to come out on fire against LSU on Saturday.

That wasn’t how we typically lose games at any time under any coach. We held the opponent to under 0.9 points per possession, had a 30-point scorer, and … lost at home. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that no other team in the nation will lose a game at home this season if they accomplish the first two requirements. That’s like losing a football game 3 - 2 at home with a 200-yard rusher.

We were undefeated last year when holding opponents under 1.0 ppp, much less 0.9 ppp. In fact, this team has now lost 3 games when holding the opponent under 1.0 ppp. They have now gone 7 straight games without breaking 1.1 ppp on O by my estimations, a streak that includes games against mid-majors at home. The longest such streak last year was 4 games, and that streak included 4 games against NCAAT at-large-bid competition, two in their gyms.

This level of offense is difficult to watch right now, but it’s hardly typical of CMA teams. They have still managed 10-4 and had possessions to turn all 4 losses into wins. In fact, just decent FT shooting would have won at least two, if not all four. If this group ever gets to being just an average CMA offensive team this year or next, it could potentially be one of his best teams.

Niels, statistically speaking, this is CMA’s best defensive team at Arkansas right?

I know I may be in the minority here, but I love watching this team on the defensive end, they are flying around, they are talking, they are taking chargers, guys are diving on the floor. Even last night when they couldn’t buy a shot, they never sulked they kept playing hard on the defensive end, that’s why I think they’ll eventually catch a few breaks here and surprise some people.

It won’t get any better until the 4’s learn their role. Gabe and Adrio need to rebound and play defense. They don’t need to take a shot unless it’s a dunk. Heck Adrio can execute a fast break layup and we say what he does when he rebounds behind the backboard last night horrible. Learn their roles.
Poor free throw shooting and standing around on offense.
CMA has found a way to get them to rebound maybe he can get them to learn what a good shot is and who needs to be taking them.
They are young and will have some head scratching performances but I’m still getting my season tickets period.
Always a Razorback.

Yes. The 2013-2014 team is the only one that is close on D so far. Ironically that team was by far the weakest on O since that year until this one.

I like the players on this team. They have high IQs, are unselfish, and play together. However, I get frustrated watching the games when they struggle mightily to make a bucket. I’ve had to turn the channel a couple of times the last month and a half.

It would be easier to take and just watch for progress if they didn’t individually possess some significant offensive strengths. That’s not meant as a knock on CMA. The specialty aspect of many of our players seem to make us guardable, and the young guys are predictably inconsistent. I keep wondering what this team would look like if more than one guard at a time would play well on O. They seem to take turns at being spectacular, while everybody else takes the night off. Every time here lately when sombody, anybody, can make a few shots in a row, we go on a big run, but you make it awfully difficult on yourself playing at a 40-point pace or less over large portions of the game.

The fours are a marginal problem when the guards not named Jones go 3 of 22 (2 of 16) from the field and 0 of 3 at the line. It would obviously help having a better offensive player at any position, but the guards have the majority of the offensive talent. They’ve got to make better shots for themselves and others with the rock in their hands and knock them down if we are going to improve.

I agree with you on Adrio. Not so on Gabe. Gabe shot one time last night, Adrio 8. Gabe has constanly improved over his two years. He’s a high energy guy that rebounds and scraps for loose balls. I don’t currently hold out a lot of hope for this team, especially since Sills, Harris, or Bailey at the moment are not reliable scoring options. I would like more minutes and a litttle more freedom for Gabe on the offensive end.

I actually agree with you on Gabe, his shots don’t look bad, his misses are all close, and he he’s actually one of our better players at attacking the rim and drawing fouls, although he can’t make a free throw. I think Gabe is the best option at 4, CMA just needs to tell him to cut down on the fouls and work on his foul shots, he gets that 40% up to about 60% and we can make it work.

We have 8 tickets between the folks in Fayetteville and Texas. We have decided not to renew and I don’t think my company will sign up for a suite next year. The tickets and suite will be there when things improve. Nobody wants to go and it’s a huge expense that is not being used right now. Hoping things get better in the next couple of years.