Women's teamand transfers?

with 3 transferring and 2 declaring for the WNBA draft…will the incoming recruits leave us with a full roster of 15 or will Coach Neighbors and staff look for another graduate/undergraduate transfer(s)to make a full roster.have seen various list for male players transferring but not one for women players nationwide…

I believe there is one spot left, but I’ll double check on that

thanks dudley

We had seven seniors. The two WNBA declarees are two of those seven. CMN has signed four. At least one of the transfers (Weaver) is also a senior. Will any of those seven come back? Dunno yet.

The only senior yet to announce her intention is Amber Ramirez. The other six will not be back next season.

Okay based on that and signing four, CMN should have two spots left. Three if Amber also leaves.

Amber is not leaving. I am using the Jedi mind control on her.

Seriously, I think Amber would benefit from coming back IMO…and we would benefit from her coming back.

Though I will never understand why Mike had the ball in her hands instead of Chelseas’ on the last shot against Wright State.

There were 14 on scholarships with 7 seniors and Mcgee transferring make 6 spots taken. Then add the 4 new recruits leaves 5 spots open without Amber.

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