Women's team is now 6-0

Beat Navy today 70-67 to win the Nugget Classic at Reno, Nevada. Jessica Jackson scored 17 and was named tournament MVP. They held Navy to 25% from the arc, well below the Middies’ normal 43% outside shooting. Tulsa and Texas Tech coming up next week.

I got nervous at the end. 70-67 and the midshipmen (errrr midshipwomen) had the ball. As you said very good 3pt shooting team. Glad they’re 6-0.

Glad to see someone recognized the fact that the Lady Razorbacks are 6-0, I know it’s early yet but wish some of our other teams had started 6-0 !! Good job JD and Lady’s!! WPS

Time was, not so long ago even, that I would be all ramped up by their performance and following them closely. Sadly, not so much any more - it is difficult for me to generate interest and support since they decided to exercise their rights by stepping in my face.

You realize, I hope, that your disinterest doesn’t hurt them, it only affects you, and not in a positive way. You are choosing to stress yourself out about this.

I guess I don’t understand not supporting the nine who stood and just being mad about the six who didn’t.

Didn’t say a single word about being mad, so your highminded lecture is just dumb. Not that I need to explain it to you or anyone else, but I am a veteran, and my life was disrupted by my service, and I take it personally. Is that okay with you?

And, for your further edification, the problem that I see is not with anyone who kneeled, but with the brushoff by Dykes and Long through their failure to point out the fact that the supposed basis of the wrongs that they protested is essentially bogus. In most of the incidents used to justify the general protest, the evil perpetrators were cleared in courts of law. I would be much more understanding if the “outrage” was directed at those unhinged killers of innocent children and citiczens in the large cities.

If the group they intend to use as their platform addresses the education of those young women to the much larger problems there, along with holding our public officials (including police) accountable, then it all may be well worth it. If not, it just becomes another instance of shovelling manure in the name of “healing race relations.”

Swine, I respect you too much to want to get into a pee-ing contest over this, but I am not stressed out about this isolated incident, certainly not about the young ladies who chose to do it. I am stressed that no one is addressing th problem from the much larger view of who is going to educate all of us about where the real problem is, and to this point, the evidence presented to show that police are killing innocent blacks is not holding up in courts. Failing to identify and work the real problems of truly innocent people being killed indiscriminately may become a huge impetus for massive unrest and lawlessness in our country. These police killings may just be the start of that.

My disinterest is not intended to hurt them. It is simply my reaction to their actions.

Snout you echo my sentiments. I’m not mad at any of these players individually or collectively. I’m just tired of a largely discredited by actual facts narrative, continuing to be advanced. If athletes want to use their visibility as a platform to advance that narrative, they have the right to do so. Sports has always been an escape from the nastiness of the real world for me. It has also been something that brings people of different backgrounds and life experiences together. Once it becomes just another way to divide us, I lose interest.

Let’s be honest for a second. If they were demonstrating for something you agree with, you’d be applauding like crazy. You think it’s “just another way to divide us” because you don’t like their viewpoint. Our football players run onto the field, one carrying an American flag, one carrying an Arkansas flag. That’s taking a political stance just as surely as the girls kneeling. But because you agree with that, you don’t deem it divisive.
I personally am tired of American sports of all levels turning themselves into an exercise in mandatory group patriotism (which is becoming more and more intrusive) and I’m not the only one. Forget the 50-yard-long flags and the military flyovers, the introductions of military veterans and the five minute anthems, none of which went on 30 years ago. Just play the damn game and quit wrapping it in the flag. Want a patriotic display? Fine. That’s what the Fourth of July and Memorial Day and Veterans Day are for. What the Olympics and the World Cup are for, too. Us (USA) against them. I have no problem with that. But since we’ve turned American sports into a political event, it also invites those who disagree to choose that forum to make their protests known.

Swine, how is carrying the State and National flag on the field a political stance?

Supporting the state and country.

For example Kaepernick kneeled to protest the oppression of minorities in the US and said he would not stand for a flag whose country allows that oppression. The response to his comments by many (I’m assuming you as well) is we don’t oppress so you should stand. You’re on the opposite sides of the issues, doesn’t that make your response political?

I think the record to this point has to do with a weaker schedule this season than Arkansas has had the past two years. We’ve seen the women’s program have a lot of great nonconference records, only to struggle mightily when SEC play roles around.

I haven’t got to see a lot of women’s BBALL this year (no matter the team). I looked up AR’s schedule on Sunday. Says that they only play 5 ranked teams. Do you think there are other teams (not ranked now) on the schedules that would be significantly better that the Lady Hogs?

There are actually seven SEC teams ranked this week - 3 South Carolina, 6 Mississippi State, 17 Kentucky, 19 Florida, 22 Tennessee, 23 Auburn and 25 Texas A&M - and Missouri is receiving votes. I think all of the ranked teams have better programs than Arkansas and a win over any of those would be an upset. To Jimmy Dykes’ credit, he has been able to pull some upsets over ranked teams the last couple of years, especially at home.

Georgia, Vanderbilt and LSU typically have pretty good teams as well, and Vanderbilt just hired a head coach away from the WNBA. Arkansas plays Auburn, Missouri and Vanderbilt twice, and once against the other 10 teams.

In nonconference, I think Texas Tech will give them a good game on Saturday. The Red Raiders are 3-2, but the losses are to ranked teams, Miami and Texas A&M in overtime. There is also a game against Butler next Wednesday that should be a test because Butler beat Arkansas last season.

The strong start means that a losing record like last season is less likely, so that’s improvement, but I’d be surprised to see this team make the NCAA Tournament. It was picked 11th by the SEC coaches in the preseason.

I believe showing pride in our State and Country is a good and wholesome act. I do not believe it is a political act in the context of 20 year old boys carrying them on a field to play a game.

How is Jimmy doing as coach? I know we have struggled, but is he a step up? C an we see success with him as our ladies coach?

Wow. just wow.

I thought he overachieved his first season when they made the NCAA Tournament. That team really rotated seven players. They took a little bit of a step back last season primarily because of the nonconference when the lost seven or eight games. But the team did have eight newcomers, so early struggles weren’t necessarily surprising. The SEC season wasn’t too bad - a 7-9 record.

So overall I think he has done an acceptable job. As with any coach, the third and fourth years will be most telling.

But not everyone sees it that way. So, yes because of differences it can be considered political. Unfortunate, but true.

I go back to a comment Blu made, several weeks ago (sorry OP, hijacked your thread, last post on this then I’ll get back on Topic). if it’s such a big deal, then why do so many people that disagree with the kneeling not put their hands over their heart and stand there? I see people all the time who are talking, taking pics, eating, some don’t remove their headgear, and as a military retiree, what about the Servicemen and women who drape the giant flag over the field. They run across the field, moving their arms up and down, talking to each other, laughing while the anthem is played. You’re supposed to be at attention and saluting. Don’t see that. Heck, I see CSM’s and 1SG’s remove their headgear and BS without saluting (while in uniform). Until everyone shows the proper respect, position of attention, hand over heart, singing with the song (optional) then no one can complain. Just my 2 cents.