Women's sports board

Hey guys,

Is there a possibility that a women’s sports board might be included in the offerings of WholeHogSports/Hawgs Illustrated? I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I would love a board devoted to the women’s side of things. Thanks to ESPN, its now so much easier to follow and fall in love with the women’s teams—be it Coach Neighbors and basketball, or soccer, or volleyball, or gymnastics, or track and field…etc.

I am not suggested a separate board for each sport. Just one for all the women’s sports would be a place to start. I do enjoy the increased coverage with articles. I would just love a place to discuss things with other fans just like we have on the football, basketball and baseball boards.

Just a thought


It would get plenty of attention so I’m all for it. All women’s sports are doing well.


Makes sense to me.

It would be nice to just be able to pull up the women’s schedule to see what time to play and if it is televised,

The Arkansas Razorbacks Game Day App has this. You can scroll across the top and see every upcoming athletic event, with all the details you’re looking for.

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