Women's Soccer Tournament

First Round complete; 16 teams eliminated; 32 teams remain.

Games of interest:

  1. Utah Valley upset Memphis 1-0. Piggies play Utah Valley on Saturday, May 1st.

  2. South Carolina defeated Montana 1-0.

  3. Ole Miss survived Bowling Green. Game tied 0-0 after 2OT; Rebs won 4-3 after 7 rounds of PKs.

Hogs’ game is at East Carolina University in Greenville, 3 pm Arkansas time. Will be streamed on NCAA site. I’ll be moving into a new apartment then or I’d probably drive up.

Priorities, Jeff. What’s more important? A place to live, or cheering on the Hogs? :thinking:

LOL. I’d have to say a place to sleep wins even over a round of 32 game. Round of 16 is Wednesday, round of 8 is Sunday. I bet I might make it to the Sunday game if we’re still alive. But if we don’t get some better goalkeeping the UVU Wolverines will send us home.