Women's soccer demand for equal pay......................

…is framed very well in today’s editorial cartoon in the DemGaz:

In the world marketplace, female soccer athletes receive a higher percentage of the revenue they generate than the men do. So, there is no gender discrimination there. In America, men’s soccer is not the top sport and does not generate the revenue in the USA that it does in the rest of the world. They are trying to change that so they have to pay “competitive in the world marketplace” salaries to get male athletes who can compete against the rest of the world. Our women are already being paid much more than the women in the rest of the world that they compete with.

So, the women want someone to subsidize their sports “lack of revenue” so they can be paid equal to players in men’s soccer who generate 55 (4 billion/73 million) times greater revenue than female soccer does. Equal pay for equal work only works when equal revenue is generated by that equal work. JMVHO

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Good point. Here in Atlanta is a real exception in the mens soccer games draw 80,000 fans. But overall soccer is not yet a big thing in America.

If they had to depend on me, both men and women soccer players would be penneyless.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a huge soccer fan, but I am patriotic and therefore tend to root for both the U.S. men and women’s teams when competing in the Olympics and World Cup.
However, with this years women’s team I found myself actually feeling it might be good if they had been defeated (don’t get it wrong, I wasn’t rooting against them). IMO they aren’t handling their success on the field of play with the proper respect for their opponent that is usually expected by champions in any sport. They are representing the Nation on this stage, not their club teams and they should be reminded of that before being placed on the national team.
Unfortunately, the teams most outspoken and controversial member has seemed to hijack the moment and we don’t actually know if the rest of the team members have different thoughts or opinions than those that she is spewing to every Liberal/Socialist leaning media outlet on which she appears.
As for the pay gap issue, I feel that because of the overwhelming revenue differences between the Men and Women’s game the whole thing is a mute point and therefore going nowhere, it’s basic supply and demand economics.
The Women playing for the USA have the opportunity to capitalize on the teams success with endearing themselves to the public and signing lucrative endorsement deals. They should feel blessed that they live in a country where these types of opportunities are available to them.

Go Hogs!

The women have not been able to sustain a professional league, while MLS is thriving and growing. I used to love watching our women’s national team play. Since they have taken to parroting Colin Kapernick and lecturing us commoners on all things political, I no longer pay attention to them.

+100! The entire post matches my feelings perfectly.

I always come back to the Marianne Stanley lawsuit vs. USC when this topic arises. She was the USC women’s basketball coach who thought she should be paid the same salary as the men’s basketball coach. A federal district court and federal appeals court found that not to be the case because although she coached the same sport, her job was different than the job of a men’s coach. One of the key findings was the revenue produced by the men’s team vs. that of the women’s team. And this was in the early 1990s before the NCAA cashed in on the men’s tournament the way it does now.


truly characteristic of how badly the AD presentation is, does not stand up or even be applicable to revenue generated for all soccer not just world cup. Absolutely factual that women generate more revenue for US Soccer Federation which pays both men and women. Pick a source like NYT or Washington Post which I am linking because they go through a fact checker process and if you want you can submit your own fact to check.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics … a83bd5a9c6

as noted net is discussed because of expenses, number of games played, guarantees and bonuses. More money is generated by women and that god awful OP cartoon is so limited and slanted to not put true facts forward.

when I see a quote like this regarding our soccer ladies.

My guess is that the majority of folks who tuned in to watch the 2019 WC, and were appalled at how our ladies celebrated on the pitch, probably follow soccer on only a casual basis. If those folks watched professional soccer (especially on the men’s side) on any kind of regular basis, they’d see celebrations much, much worse. Those guys taunt the fans in the stands, the players on the other side, at at times even the other team’s country (in international matches). Oftentimes their celebrations include sexually-related antics that have been described as vulgar.

As for respecting their opponents? … these folks should spend a little time watching post-match, on-field interactions between the US women and their opponents. They’d see our ladies put their arms around dejected/sobbing players from the opposing side, clearly (at least to me) trying to console them.

IMO, I think it’s 100% fair game to criticize professional athletes who use their sport’s platform to push a political agenda. They bring that upon themselves.

But to criticize our ladies for their on-field behavior?

Simply ludicrous.

I have learned not to let my own political views ruin my enjoyment of sports. Unfortunately, some nowadays let politics dictate too many parts of their lives. We ask athletes not to mix sports with politics. We should do the same ourselves.

The “godawful” cartoon was based on the world wide income for the two sports sourced from the New York Times and Forbes. Your referenced article was based on the money generated in the USA by the mens and womens soccer leagues. Apples and Oranges.

The American women are paid at the top of their league player income. The American men are being paid at an average salary level for their league, the one that generates world wide 55 times more money. When the “equal work” generates equal revenue, world wide, then the pay should be equal. Even in the increasingly Socialistic USA.

The women are being punished because FIFA does a lousy job of marketing the women’s game worldwide. In the US, the WNT generates much more revenue than the MNT and should be paid at least equally, if not more.

Plus, completely separate from revenue, the WNT is two-time defending WC champions. MNT can’t even get out of CONCACAF. We complain about how coaches and players should be paid for results, but WNT is producing results at the very highest level and isn’t getting paid accordingly. Some people can’t handle that simple fact because they’re conditioned (or have conditioned themselves) to view women athletes as unworthy of attention or money. Add in the political aspect and OP is entirely predictable: “Shut up, play and take your less money for more results.”

Once again apples and oranges. No matter what FIFA does, the women’s game will never match men’s in terms of fan interest and revenue. BTW, FIFA has made it a priority now to promote women’s game. For instance, the field will be expanded to 32 teams for the next WC.

As FIFA promotes game worldwide, other nations will catch up with USA. Europeans are almost there. You can already see USA is one of the slowest teams in the last WC. USA just had an early start in women’s game. USA will not be dominating the women’s game too long, unless few things change, If dominance stops, what happens then?

I think both men and women’s teams need influx of black athletes if men want to compete in the upper tier and women want to maintain their dominance. All the European teams have that advantage now.

I don’t think the quantity of black players on the roster is the problem. The US team has just as many or more on the roster than several of the top ranked teams in FIFA. The problem is that we have very few players that have been developed or that are playing in top tier leagues (England, Spain, Germany) compared to other countries rosters. In the US you go to school and later play a sport, in other countries children start being developed by professional teams while still in grade school.

And the men’s WC will be 48 teams in 2026, up from 32. So they increase the WWC by 8 teams (one-third) and the men’s WC by 16 (one half). Tell me again how they’re prioritizing the women’s game? USWNT received a $4 million prize from FIFA for winning the cup. France got $38 million for winning the men’s cup in 2018; the entire prize fund for the WWC was $30 million. FIFA wants to double the WWC prize fund for 2023 to $60 million. The prize fund for the 2018 men’s cup was $791 million – 26 times the women’s. I would expect the men’s fund for 2022 to be a billion plus. Try again, PJ.

Soccer in the US has the same issue as college baseball. It’s a sport for the privileged/affluent, and that usually means white. Of the 23 women on the WWC roster, two were black. Of the 23 men on the Gold Cup roster, seven were black. By your logic, the men should have had the more competitive roster. Uh, no.

On the French team, the tall, straight haired, black woman was dominating one-on-one on several occasions. ( I thought at the time that in America we have a lot of athletes like her, but they aren’t many of them playing soccer.) When the Americans help drive up the money world wide in the women’s game, that will turn the soccer developing machine outside the USA to focus, also, on finding and developing female athletes like they do the males. The women are dominating now because Title Nine produces a lot of money supporting female athletes at the college level. Just like in the men’s game, this will not be enough to raise soccer to the level of excellence that exists in soccer outside the USA once the women’s game starts generating big money.


I don’t have a clue where the pay comes from. If the money is pooled from the tournament, etc. and all the countries involved use that fund to pay their players, the editorial has a point. If, however, each country pays its own players out of its revenue, then the editorial is useless. It would be like comparing how much baseball players get paid vs. NFL players and putting MLB in with the Japanese and Cuban leagues.

As I understand it, in the US, the women’s team brings in more revenue than the men’s. That may not be correct, but if it is, and each country pays their players out of its own revenues, then I think it is wrong for there to be such a pay gap.

From reading other comments, I do see the issue that we “have” to pay the men more to get them on our team due to the international market. Maybe that is a sufficient justification. It doesn’t sit right with me, especially considering the low level of success the men have had. Again, because I only follow this from afar (not a soccer fan in general), but are national teams made up of players from that country? (Unlike pro sports, its not like all the members of the Boston Redsoxs are from Boston). I have always assumed, like the Olympics, players for the US came from the US, players from Russia, came from Russia. IF that is the case, I am not saying don’t pay the guys good money, but do you really have to worry about what England or France is paying? Are we trying to buy players from England or France??? I do not know how all this works.

How exactly is soccer a sport for the wealthy? You need a ball and a net, just like basketball.

Agree. That is why soccer is played in every country in the world. And FIFA likes to keep it less expensive to play. A case in point. Soccer does not use time clock on the scoreboard to know the remaining time in the game, the on pitch referee keeps the clock.

A lot of players on the US men’s team have dual nationalities. They often switch nationalities to play for another nation if one of the parents is a US citizen. For example, one of the strikers on our team Tyler Boyd has an American mother and father from New Zealand. He played his youth soccer for New Zealand including under-21 tournaments. Last year he switched to US national team. The men’s team has players with connections to Germany, England, México, France, and other countries. If you reduce men’s pay because their results are less than women’s, US will lose players to other countries and will be even less competitive.

Overall it is a silly argument. The dual pay fight in the corporate world for women is legit and they should fight hard for it. But it does not make sense in sports.