Women's season ticket sales up by 46%

Good news. Would love to see that number around 5,000. Ways to go, but it’s possible. I see a lot more fans talk women’s basketball now.


I bought women’s season tickets this year. They had a special deal for MBB season ticket holders, so I got a couple. I’m not sure I’ll make every game, but plan on making several to check out the talent he’s stockpiling.


Matt, Mike said that the lower bowl of BWA was nearly sold out. How many does it seat (excluding boxes)?

I would think it’s got to be 12-14 thousand.

Don’t get to excited. I bought 6 but have no plans to use them. I just did it to support the coach and players. I bet there are many like me who did the same. No doubt attendance will be up.

I think 12,000 is about right for the lower bowl.

You maybe right. I did that last two years just to support Mike, but never used the tickets. I tried to give tickets away free to each game but there were no takers.

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