Women's RPI has jumped from 96 to 66 this week

Fifteen spots tonight after beating the Aggies. Still not enough to get an at-large tomorrow.

It strikes me as highly ironic that to get into the tournament, we have to beat a team tomorrow featuring Jordan Danberry, who played for us until our knuckledragging fans ran her out of the state for kneeling during the anthem.

Swine, so you want to talk politics on this board??? :o :lol: :roll:

I’m glad she left and took the rest of them with her!
I hope the hogs beat Miss St. The team is better off without the attitude that team played with. Of course Dykes didn’t help much either. He is rally good at sitting behind a mic and running his mouth about what someone else needs to do but he sure couldn’t do it himself. Seth G. Is another example of a fired coach that’s just like him.

As far as I’m concerned, like official prayer, the anthem should be omitted. However, it is tradition, most people resist change. And, most people claim to believe in freedom of speech and expression, but very few actually do when they don’t approve. Her kneeling shouldn’t have mattered. However, it matters a great deal to a large majority of fans so I can understand her leaving but I wish she would have stayed because we would have won more games if she would have stayed. Therefore, if she had stayed, most fans would have put it behind them.

The ‘Attitude’ was and is divisive. Not a good thing.

Agree. Play the anthem at every eighth grade soccer match, it loses its punch. But now it’s expected, and if it’s not there, people freak out.

I don’t know that it matters that much to a “large majority” of fans. All it takes is a few morons, or even one, to make someone’s life miserable. Might have just been one knuckledragger that ran her off, for all we know. Jimmy said at the time that the kneeling is not why she left. Bull. A starter doesn’t quit/transfer in midseason unless she has a powerful incentive.

Nothing to do with politics. She was here, now she isn’t. If Brandon Allen had transferred after some other knuckledragger torched his truck, would that have been politics?

If you want to protest…go do it down in front of Old Main. Don’t do it at a University function wearing our uniform while the state is paying for your education in front of our fans. We don’'t want to see it.

There is a time and a place for protest…and that was neither.

Good post!

Yes and she fled to that mecca of tolerance …… Mississippi! Sheesh.

First, let me say this - I’m steering clear (here) of siding with one position or another on the whole anthem/kneeling issue. But there is a point I do want to make.

Jeff, you are wrong here. We are not talking about a lady whose truck was burned because of perceived poor play. The whole anthem/kneeling issue is ALL about politics, and your denial does nothing to change that.

Again, I’m not saying that your main point is or isn’t right; just your characterization of it as “not a political issue”. C’mon.

It’s obvious that whatever abuse Danberry took, whether social media, emails, face to face, phone calls, whatever, was because of politics. That’s a given. The point here is that for some of our “fans” took it on themselves to run off a quality player, who had 14 points and 6 boards today against her former teammates. Whoever burned Brandon’s truck wanted him to leave too. Either way, politics or too many interceptions, it’s unacceptable behavior by our alleged fans. With fans like that, you don’t need enemies.

By the way, Dave, you’re slipping back into an old habit of putting words in my mouth.

I think Dave has it right and you are being disingenuous
on your take and meaning. Not that I am surprised.
Yes, it was and is about politics which is why you are trying
to slither away from your statement. You could have included that they are probably Walmart shoppers and
very likely own guns and are also likely to attend church.

We on this board can see clearly what you were saying.

The MSU women have a very good coach and a very good
team. I am not unhappy that one of them is no longer a Razorback.

What is ironic with this board is this “moderator” can decide what is political --by locking a thread and what is not…

White25 gets it.

Your opinion, and that’s all it is, is the opinion of most fans and probably a very large majority of fans.

Your opinion, and that’s all it is, is the opinion of most fans and probably a very large majority of fans.

I’m not sure what you mean, Jeff. I simply replied directly to a post you had made.

You said the reason Danberry left had “nothing to do with politics”. Your words. You went on to compare the kneeling incident with Brandon Allen’s truck being burned. Again - your words, which I quoted in my response.

I disagreed with your take, on the specific point of fan’s reaction to her kneeling not being political in nature. I don’t see any way, shape or form that I “put words in your mouth”.

Did I respond to your words? Yes.

Did I disagree with your words? Yes.

Did I “put words in your mouth”? No.

Please expand on what you meant, if you would. I’m not upset - I just don’t understand what you are talking about. Honestly.

So did Dudley. Had nothing to do with the kneeling, had to do with the death threats her and her family received. Now, the death threats may have had something to do with the kneeling, but I’m pretty sure some of the “knuckledraggers” ,as you put it, would have been negative towards her regardless.

Is a knuckledragger the same as a Deplorable? I’m a Deplorable but don’t consider myself to be a knuckledragger.