Women's portal?

with Goforth retiring for medical reasons;and Eaton and Oberg into the portal;ramirez graduating…how many slots does Coach Neighbors have open and besides Poffenbarger…any other transfers being looked at?

Arkansas women’s scholarships

You can have up to 15 so if Coach Neighbors wants to, he can add 4.

I’ll be checking in and have some news soon.

  1. Samara Spencer
  2. Erynn Barnum
  3. Rylee Langerman
  4. Saylor Poffenberger
  5. Ashlyn Sage
  6. Jersey Wolfenbarger
  7. Mayam Dauda
  8. Makayla Daniels
  9. Emrie Ellis
  10. Avery Hughes
  11. Karley Johnson (signee)

Just a question DD or those in the know.

How many scholarships do women have? ( BB ) Maybe a silly question but I really don’t know…

You can have up to 15.

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thanks Dudley

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Thanks DD. Maybe I missed the post above and for some reason I just didn’t know if Mens and Womens matched…

Any NCAA sport that is competed by both men and women, has more scholarships for women. Track, golf, tennis, baseball/softball, basketball, etc. In part to make up for those 85 scholarships for football with no female counterpart.

I didn’t think Avery Hughes was on scholarship or am I wrong?

She was awarded one back in August.


Well good for her she deserves it!

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Elauna Eaton announced yesterday she was transferring to Ole Miss. The Rebels have kind of quietly assembled a good program in the past few years.

Ole Miss now has two Arkansas transfers on its roster. Marquesha Davis committed there during the season.

So are we going to add any girls other than the 11 we have. Things are not looking good for MN at present!

So are going to add any more before next season?

I absolutely love Nabes, but losing Elauna, Davis, and Goforth is brutal…especially Sasha. No way to sugarcoat it.

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Its interesting…Davis seemed to lose her spot in the rotation to Rylee. Then transferred.
Then Elauna seemed to lose her spot in the rotation to…Rylee. And has transferred.

Truth is Rylee outplayed them both.

Now Sasha…that’s a whole different deal as we all know. She was arguably the best player on the team…with a super bright future. Crushing blow to the team no one could have foreseen.

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Agree with you on Sasha, she’s a great young woman. Kudos to her for figuring out that life is more than basketball and making the best decision for her health.


I love watching Rylee play. Hustles so hard. Jumps into the passing lanes. Dives onto the floor. And her shot seems to be getting better as she gains confidence.

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Neighbors makes it very clear to recruits that his program is about developing kids in the program. He will use the portal for someone similar to Goforth but his focus is on HS kids.

A source said Arkansas might add a one from the portal with a year of eligibility left.

One thing I have been hesitant to ask about Sasha because I don’t want to sound like her health is not 1st and foremost–which of course it is. Far and away first and foremost.

But… is it case closed on her ever playing again? I was hoping…for her more than the Hogs…that maybe after a year or two she might be able to play again.

But, as I said, health first. After being a caregiver all these years I know that.