Womens gymnastics

Not sure who cares or who is watching but there’s a great meet at Florida vs Alabama. Florida just scored TWO tens on floor to whip Bama 197.0 to196.925. Florida was Number 2 in the country while Bama was number 6.

Note something? Ladybacks score this week was 197.2

Oh, and Floridas sell-out crowd was north of 8,000, if anyone wants to use that as a selling point to move gymnastics to BWA.


There were some AMAZING routines in that meet, including three 10s. Wow.

I’m not sure that the Gym’backs can sustain crowds of 10K+ just yet. But they do have a chance to get there.

We should’ve had a few 10’s Friday night…at least one on bars.

I noted that the judging at BWA the other night was tougher than the judging I saw when I flipped over to the Utah-Oklahoma meet at SLC. Sounds like Florida got some of the lenient judges.


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