Women's golf at SEC tournament

Early in the first round. Hogs currently tied for sixth at +2. Florida leading at -3. None of our girls is better than even par or worse than -1, but again it’s early. Reagan Zibilski is having an interesting round, though; she’s played six holes and hasn’t made a par yet – three birdies, two bogeys and a double.


+12 now. A few holes to play.

Dead last at +18. Oops. Had to count a +7.

Neither one of our teams is ranked above 40th, but the men are a little higher. Hopefully the girls can at least get out of last place.

The front nine tore us up. Looks like we started on the back and finished at +3 taking the best four scores. Then we went to the front… :roll_eyes:

Still last midway through the second round. They cut down to the top 8 teams after today for match play; right now we’re 19 shots out of eighth. Ain’t happening.

Got out of last but still 20 shots out of 8th place.

All of the teams are well above par. What makes this course so tough? If it was on the coast, the gulf or Atlantic winds can drive up scores but this is in Birmingham.

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