Women's golf at NCAA championship

So far… Not good. Of the 12 teams that have teed off in Scottsdale, AZ, the Hogs are last at +10. If I recall the format, there will be a cut to 15 teams out of 24, and then a second cut to the top right for match play.

But it’s early, and who’s to say we won’t right the ship (or the afternoon teams play even worse).

Julia Gregg is even through 8 holes and Kajal Mistry is +1 through seven. But then we’re also counting a +5 because one girl is worse.

At this moment, we’re in 12th place of the 12 that have teed off. The worse news is that almost all of the highly ranked teams (9 of the Top 10 ranked teams) are included in the second group that will tee off soon.

The only “good news” is that the teams are tightly packed, just a stroke or two apart from one place to the next. So, if we warm up and clip a few strokes off our current score (+12) we can move up into the middle of the pack.

But it ain’t looking rosy so far.


Well, we’re out of last place. Not because we’re playing better, but because Moo U is playing worse. On the other hand, A&M is tied for the lead, so there are SEC teams playing well.

And we have one girl who is on track to shoot 90. That’s up approaching my range of hackage.

It’s getting worse. Of the 18 teams that have teed off so far (remember Phoenix is two hours behind Arkansas this time of year), we’re dead last – 18th at +19. Georgia, Vandy and Hogs are 16-17-18.

And that worst score for us “only” was an 85. But that was thrown out. We COUNTED two 80s.

Unless we go stoopid low tomorrow, I think our chances of making the final cut to the top 8 are more or less zero…We’re 12 shots out of eighth so far, and remember six teams haven’t even started yet.

Well… we’re not last. Vandy is, by a shot, with 12 teams still on the course, but none of them are likely to descend to the depths of +19.

We wound up tied for 21st with Okie Lite and San Jose State. Six shots out of 15th, 9 shots out of the top 8 which is needed to reach match play. The cut to 15 teams is after Sunday’s round, the cut to 8 is after Monday.

All-SEC pairing tomorrow afternoon with Auburn and TAM. We need to make up some shots. A lot of them.

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