Women's game today

I was surprised when I turned it on see both teams wearing dark, with the Hogs in black with red trim and white letters. Hard to tell who is who on my small screen.

I didn’t realize Lee Mayberry coached at ORU

Assistant coach I believe. Not the HC.

Good for Lee

I guess Neighbors didn’t get the memo that the home team wears white.

Btw, arent our colors still red and white?

My 7 year old granddaughter wants to know why some of the players have a tag hanging out at the top of the back of their shorts. She thought they had them on inside-out!

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It’s a thing now. My grandson plays on his middle school team and my wife noticed the tag showing. My daughter explained he rolls up his shorts. I googled it and lo and behold it’s a thing in the NBA and college.

BTW that 7 year old is very perceptive.

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Thanks for the post. I didn’t realize the women were playing this afternoon.

Mods, maybe move this to the basketball board.?

maybe because this is the first of 4 games in 5 days. Saving the traditional uniforms for the tournament they are going to?

My error. I thought I had put it on the basketball board! Thanks. Hope the mods move it. Maybe they are off this afternoon! Actually, it was easy for me to move it. Done.

Thanks. Yes, I forget that if we start a thread, we can move it to another board.

And, WOW, how good is Destiny Slocum! I knew she was a very good player, but she may be a first team AA.

Basketball fashion may have reached a new low. I don’t know which is worse, the exposed tag or the diaper look. The world could really use more old school coaches, stepping up to say " not on my watch".

Just the thing to chase off recruits. The world has changed. “My way or the highway” turns into “okay you old fool, I’ll go play somewhere else where they’re not afraid of self expression.”

There are many forms of self expression. Some are better than others. Making your basketball shorts look like a diaper, is not a good look for anyone.

Sez you. The kids love Front Facing Hog too. I don’t, but what I like really doesn’t matter.

And the kids supposedly loved it when we quit wearing our traditional football uniforms. Loved them right thru some very bad seasons. Meanwhile many faster, more athletic players were perfectly happy to wear the stodgy old boring uniforms of Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State and others. You don’t have to be a Bobby Knight or a Frank Kush, but there is nothing wrong with having some standards. Let the there is no team in I guys and girls go play for someone else.

And get off my lawn!

Y’all kill me, you really do. It’s FABRIC, people. Rolled up or not. Thirty years ago people were saying the same things about the Fab Five’s baggy shorts (which actually came from Michael Jordan, who wanted longer shorts in the NBA to cover up the UNC practice shorts he wore underneath for every game).

The uniform police are wasting energy on (1) something incredibly unimportant and (2) nobody gives a damn what you think anyway. HY ain’t gonna ask the fans what to request from Nike. Or whoever our next apparel deal is with.

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I’m absolutely going to love this team. They are fun to watch. I think my personal favorite to root for is Marquesha Davis. (1) from McGehee. That girl has some serious hops!
BWA was strange, extreme social distancing

Slocum adds a lot to this team. That is only going to open Dungee and Ramirez, along with the others. They have size, speed and good basketball IQ. I liked what I saw.

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She is going to be really good before her time here is up. I covered her at Springdale High and watched her hawk an opposing player down who thought she had an easy layup. Marquesha pinned the layup to the glass with her left hand.