Women's bracketology

Charlie Creme at ESPN.com has the Hogs as the last team on First Four Out, updated this morning.

CBS Sports hasn’t updated the bracket since Monday; Hogs still a 10 seed there.

I’d say if they don’t beat A&M Sunday (and A&M beat Kentucky last night), there is no chance of an at-large bid, and may not be a chance anyway.

A good start to the season turned south as they lost games when they had the lead late. It just snow balled. The D hasn’t been good enough and they be missed free throws in several game late that didn’t help. Rough season and it happens.

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Does anybody who has watched honestly believe that’s are a tournament worthy team?

Sure doesn’t look like one to me.


I don’t know exactly how to answer that one but here my take.
The Hogs team early in the season deserved to be in the dance. Late in the season they haven’t earned it! Either way I won’t complain.

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When 2 five star players don’t play much…you have a problem.


I really hope Dauda likes it here, because I could very easily see her wearing purple and gold next year…spit!

Well, they could go on a run in the SEC Tourney, could they not? I should think that would make a difference. Might have to win 2 or 3.

I am not saying they WILL. They are in a spiral at the moment. Especially Erynn. Man, her body language looks awful. Confidence shot. Frustration high. Spencer played well last night which was good to see. And Mak is indomitable. She will always be there. Might not shoot well some games. But her body language is always positive. She’s a real leader.

Carr was something like 0-1000 last night.

Anyway, they need to beat The Aggies on Sunday. Then win a couple in the SEC tourney to be sure.

What a tailspin they are in. Saylor did grab 11 boards and hit 2-3 from 3. We need her to blossom offensively. In practice, she’s apparently an elite shooter.

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Yep. Too many close games lost. At the line.

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I hope Dauda sees her limited minutes for what they are…she’s recovering from injury. Jersey is the one I will frankly be surprised if she stays.

I have no inside info. Just know her minutes are limited. She’s not even the first off the bench. That is Rylee. And Rylee deserves it. Her motor runs twice that of Jersey’s. I keep waiting to be impressed with Jersey. The most impressed I’ve been with Jersey were her basketball workout videos. Not meant as a slam either. That’s the truth.

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Maybe there’s some locker room issues. The last six weeks have been brutal. I guess it’s life in the SEC but I’ve watched games where it didn’t even look like they were trying when it was 4th quarter and winnable.

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The stars sitting isn’t the issue. The inability to make free throws, poor effort and a lack of energy to play form the opening tip. Those are the concerns. Is it youth ? Who knows they just don’t have the it factor this season.
Dauda will be back let’s all hope. Daniels and Barnum are coming back they aren’t going to do the SR day stuff this weekend. So time will tell on the rest of the roster.

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One thing I can identify immediately. Unless Mike completely changes his coaching style, which is highly unlikely at this point, we gotta get some shooters. Hitting 27% from deep in SEC play ain’t gonna fly in Mike’s system. Chrissy Carr is the only player hitting more than 30%. Mak shot 50% in SEC play as a freshman, 26% this year. When we finished 10-6 in the league in 2020, we shot 40% from deep in league play, making 9.5 per game.

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Yep he needs him 3-4 snipers every year to play the way he likes to play.

In Mike’s defense, Saylor Poffenbarger came with the reputation of being said sniper. In press conferences, Mike has stated more than once that she is one of the top 2 shooters from 3 on the team. In practice. Carr being the other.

Its not translated to games.

In her defense she had to sit out for 2 years.

She has proven to be our best rebounder AND best defender. But her shot has not been there.
Here’s hoping next year changes that trend.

But you are correct. Mike’s system is analytics based. And for it to work his teams HAVE to shoot over 33% from 3.

Yeah Saylor is at the Mendoza line in SEC play – .200. The opponents will let her shoot all she wants at that rate.

Mike’s offensive system is actually similar to “the coach that shall not be named” that we face on Saturday. Either shoot an open 3 or a layup. The “team that shall not be named” wants dunks, foul shots or 3’s. Mike wants lay-ups, foul shots or 3’s.

Its not a flawed offensive system at all. But as you say, you gotta have shooters. Saylor was supposed to be one. Spencer’s shot has fallen off too…especially her free throws. that is a mental block. I can still make 7-8 out 10. She can too, talent wise.

She clearly has the yips.

You mean Murderers’ Row?

I thought I saw Sam shooting her FTs last night as soon as the ref tossed her the ball, as if it was a 3 with the defender closing out on her. No dribble, no nothing, just catch and shoot

Yep…she did that. And one resulted in an airball. She is yipping.

She’s like someone that can make a 6 footer with more proficiency than a 3 footer.

Sam’s still hitting 3s at a higher rate than Mak or Saylor. FTs… another issue.

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