Womens' BB games

I enjoy watching the Lady Razorbacks (or whatever they are supposed to be called). However when not on THE SEC network…only the internet through “watchespn.com” …the broadcast is really bad…picture starts ans stops every 5 seconds or so. Doubt I am the only one with this problem. What’s up with that??!

May be an issue with your internet. You have to have the bandwidth to support a video stream. I’ve run into that from time to time. A 4K stream requires at least 25 megabits per second, so I make sure my home WiFi supports that.

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never an issue on either point raised for me, but I am well enough versed that I don;t care about the talking heads except for interviews. My provider is smooth as regular television and I use updated Chrome.

I watch on the ESPN app on my Firestick or Roku stick. Since I use streaming to watch all TV, I had to upgrade my streaming capacity. It all is as smooth using the app as watching on any of the ESPN platforms. (My old AT&T DSL did not have the capacity and I got the fits and starts when viewing anything.)

Guess I need to see if I have a bandwidth problem…may be unfixable.

Oh that’s fixable too, but it may require calling your internet provider to request more bandwidth. My current internet plan is 100 Mbps for $50 a month. If I needed more than that, I could upgrade to 400 or 940 Mbps, but I’d have to pay more for the privilege ($110 for the 940 plan). Check on your plan and see what else your provider offers.

One other issue to consider. If you get your internet through your cable TV provider, as I do, cable-based internet is notorious for slowing down when a lot of people are online. Your plan may say 50 Mbps, for instance, but you may not actually be getting that much. There are speed tests you can run online to find out what you’re actually getting. Google “internet speed test” to find one. (I just ran the speed test and I’m actually getting MORE than 100 Mbps. At least early on a Saturday afternoon.)


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