Women's basketball question?

any chance Sasha Gofoth returns to the team this season?

No direct knowledge, but gastroparesis is bad news. I don’t know how Sasha was able to play with it as long as she did. So unless her medical situation drastically improves, I don’t see a return, Gastroparesis can be treated with diet changes, medication and surgery. I suspect she’s already done the diet changes and the older medication, but there are new meds in the works and new surgical techniques.

The best way I can describe gastroparesis is that feeling you may get after a big meal (for me it seems to happen when I go to Mexican restaurants) that your stomach is about to burst because it’s so full, and it just doesn’t empty. But with gastroparesis you feel like that all the time, and frequently you have to throw up because there’s more food down there than your stomach can hold.

Dang, that is a painful description…

Yep. The most common cause is diabetes, but I don’t think Sasha is diabetic. There are other diseases that can result in gastroparesis, but in many cases they can’t find a cause. I used to admit people to the hospital with diabetic gastroparesis all the time. First thing to do is stick a tube down their nose to suction stuff out of their stomach, and not let them eat while the tube is in place. Obviously those are severe cases.

That description is eerily similar to the symptoms I had for a couple months, before finally going to a Dr and discovering I had a duodenal ulcer. My largest meal was almost always a late (8:00pm) dinner. From somewhere between midnight and 2 AM, I’d be in the bathroom volcanic vomiting. The worst part was I could tell it was going to happen a couple hours before the vomiting actually happened. I had to just get really close to a commode and wait for the food to come up.

There was a different cause for me than for Sasha though. My Dr said after a large meal, my stomach acid was going strong, which caused the ulcer to swell and block the food from getting into my intestine. The stomach acid just kept increasing until my body decided the food had to go out the way it came in.

Blockage ain’t good no matter how it occurs. I also admitted plenty of people who had blockage south of the stomach, with the same results except that some of what came out the top should have come out the bottom, if you catch my drift. Treatment was the same: Suction it out. If that didn’t work, sometimes they needed surgery. Usually the tube did the trick though.

I’ve always had a strong stomach, rancid smells won’t make me gag, but I’m not a vomit type guy no matter the circumstances. Even to make me feel better afterwards I’ll fight it off to know end. So that south of the stomach vomiting sounds horrendous dude!!!

Is there a chance? Yes. She was left on scholarship, so that door is still open.

I don’t know how likely it is that she will play again. It all depends on her health and whether it is something she wants to do.

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