Women win opener

Here is a short recap of this morning’s game, plus Mike Neighbors’ postgame press conference: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … g-win-ove/

This was my first women’s basketball game. I met my daughter there who is in elementary school. I guess they have some deal once a year where all the elementary schools go to the game. I had a great time! We couldn’t throw it in the ocean during the first half but got hot after halftime. That Monk girl really impressed me and it looks like they had a couple of other players (sorry…can’t remember their names. Maybe 21 and 14)…They definitely played hard and were fun to watch. It certainly will not be my last…

That is great you were able to experience a game with your daughter. The first game every year is elementary day and all the local elementary school kids are invited to watch the game. Some school districts decline the invitation, but several around here take advantage of it. My wife’s mother is a counselor at one of the schools and goes every year. As I’m sure you realized, a few-thousand screaming kids can take a toll on your hearing.

was impressed listening to manny watkins do the commentary…sounded like he had been doing it for more than 1 game.if he doesnt go into coaching he’ll have a good career in broadcasting…and it was a joy to see the girls having fun on the court and sidelines.got the feeling last year wasn’t any fun at all and i’m not talking about the losing but the other stuff around the team