Women vs. tulsa tonight

I thought I saw where the game would be on ESPN+ and I could also pick up on watchespn.com, but is not showing on my computer. At least it APPEARS as though I will get to watch on ESPN+ using the app.

Tied right now

The lady announcer can’t quit talking. Good gracious.

Down by one now. Spencer has hit a couple of threes but she drives and just throws it up. Hogs the ball. Same neighbors offense and defense we’ve seen before.

It’s a gab fest at a bunco party. Tulsa needs to let Caroline play more.

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She can hit 3’s. Hours and hours of practice at AAO in Fayetteville. Caroline is a special young lady.

What’s up with Wolfenbarger and Dauda? Weren’t they like 5* can’t miss prospects? I know Dauda was hurt last year, but why are they not getting much time?

All I know is that my great niece #30 for Tulsa held them both to single digit games in HS.


Awesome, I’m not watching, has she get in the game, yet?

I can’t find game?! :rage:

I’m doing the old school and watching the gamecast on ESPN

She played in the 1st half. Pretty big deal for her playing in her hometown against the team she grew up loving.


That’s awesome

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I saw her, Danny. She looks like a tough young lady. I don’t think it was a charge.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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yeah she did good!!

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Me and her dad were texting about that call. She is tough. Been through more than most her age. To me she’s still that 5 year old blond kid playing chase with me. Love her.


Barnum has really improved her scoring,much better post moves

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So happy she got to play at home. Tulsa has a nice team.

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For all the Neighbors doesn’t teach rebounding stuff on here, we outboarded them 47-35.

Barnum wound up with 27 points, easily a career high. She has come so far in her time here. As a freshman she was 5 points, 4 boards and a lot of fouls.