Women vs. Poultry, SEC tournament

Well… it’s not a blowout. Yet. Hens ran off 10-0 run to go from a 7-7 tie to 17-7, but we’re down 7 at the end of the first quarter. We’re getting crushed on the boards, of course, but I don’t think it will be 75-17 this time. Mak Daniels has hit two treys and leads us with 6.

Yeah we’ve already got about a many rebounds as we had the whole last time we played them LOL. We are hanging around

Current rebounding numbers 20-8 according to ESPN Gamecast. Live stats on the SEC website aren’t working.

I just looked up their roster. Ten of their 16 girls are 6-0 or more, all the way up to 6-7. We have 7, and of course our tallest player doesn’t play like a big.

Wow what a difference a day makes Carr could have shot the ball through the eye of a needle yesterday and the two shots I’ve seen her take today one like to knock the back board down and the other didn’t hit anything and she was by herself…

Wow Dauda got a putback!

We have no answer for SC’s inside game. I just hope we can stay close.

Neither does anyone else. That’s why they’re 29-0.

It’s 45-30 at the half, BTW. Saylor has 8 and Sam Spencer has 7. Rebounding is 29-12.

IMO our 6’4” and 6’5” players were 5 stars because of their height. Great young ladies that dominated a lot in HS but can’t play down low in the SEC. I know both were handled pretty good by a 6’ gal in HS. Again…great young ladies and good players but not rim protectors nor down low players.

Still hanging around. We aren’t gonna win but not going to lose by 40 either.

Played them dead even in the third quarter, which is somewhat of a victory.

Bracketologist Charlie Creme said at halftime if Arkansas showed it could play with a top team it would help with the committee. I suppose this could be construed as playing with a top team.

No real inside game is what this team is and has been missing. Too reliant on the 3 ball. We have height, but that’s where the comparison ends with regards to the elite teams. In the SEC specifically.
We just aren’t an aggressive team.

Swine, I agree, but we make look to easy. Anytime they want a basket, they can throw it inside.

The way we’re playing right now….we could lose by 40.

Carolina is good but when they block a shot and the replay shows that Boston’s right arm came crashing onto the left arm of the shooter going up…thought that was a foul as in jumping on someones back grabbing a rebound and knocking them to the ground…but yeah we’re no match for their inside game…we have speed boats but they have battleships

Hogmaestro and I are discussing the game off the board. Boston commits about 20 fouls a game and gets called for about 2 (usually over the back). And Barnum makes it way too easy to block her shot; she doesn’t go up strong.

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Looks like we’re gonna lose by 27. Which beats 45, but still. Crossed fingers time next weekend.

How long has SC been this dominant? They’ve taken over what Tennessee used to be.

Since 2014, they’ve won 7 SEC titles and two nattys.

glad im not the only one seeing it…even the commentators dont commit on the replays

Another wait 'till next year?

Considering Arkansas has no SEC answer for inside dominating size to lose by 27 to a relaxed Carolina is probably a good try but not likely enough for a tournament bid. NIT bound I suppose and that is really sad considering what MN had in his hands for development in late summer. The SEC pick as third should be enough to demonstrate he simply did not do a good job this year. I hope we don’t have a bailout to the portal on the top talent.