Women vs. Ole Miss

Hogs jumped out to a 12-4 lead, Rebnecks came back to take a brief lead, but Hogs lead 18-16 after the first quarter. Erynn Barnum has 13 of our 18 points. According to the SEC standings this would be an upset win for the Hogs.

Barnum’s even making threes, 2 of 3 from deep so far. She’s up to 16 points and Hogs lead by 6 midway through the second quarter.

36-20. Playing VERY good defense.

Just saying…

Rebounding is adequate and we have six steals.

21-4 in the second quarter and 39-20 at halftime. Rebnecks with 14 turnovers.

Ole Miss didn’t score for almost 7 minutes.

Still too many TO’s. Neighbors will mention that at half I am sure. But our defense is very good.
Not just steals either. High effort, pressure, fight through screens, overplay the pass D.

I’d forgotten Marquesha Davis transferred to that third world school. She leads the Rebnecks with 10 points.

Don’t look now but we are trying to give this thing away

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About to be tied

19 point lead, down by 2

Just don’t teach rebounding

Big rebound right there however now just got to make free throws to hold on for the victory
But some pushing and shoving may result in a double technical…yep that’s what it was…Barnum only made one of the free throws and we give up a wide open layup to tie the game just unbelievable

Headed to overtime

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OM good at moving screens on the give and go,

That’s a pretty weak call on the three-point shot. I think she barely grazed her the girl just fell down like she been hit by truck that’s the kind of crap they need to stop doing, that little of contact did not alter the girls shot whatsoever . She made all three free throws and that’s probably going to do it down by 4 with 8 seconds left going to blow a game should have easily won


Blew that one big time.

Close games are not going our way…

This game should have never been close
19 point halftime lead

Really no one can make an excuse for this

Mike is a really nice guy. I’ve enjoyed visiting with him a couple of times. He is a good coach. But taking the Hogs to the next level? Still to be determined.

I am not gonna criticize the defensing effort. But I WILL criticize Mike playing only 6 girls meaningful minutes. He’s got to make himself play Dauda and Jersey. They are the height he recruited. jersey is liable to transfer if he’s not careful to play her more.

Our starters were just totally gassed by game’s end. That’s on Mike.


I don’t see it happening under Mike because they really are never very good on defense or rebounding and those two things will absolutely kill you.
He’s a great recruiter but cannot build on that once they get here or hasn’t yet