Women vs. Misery, SEC tournament

Early second quarter at Greenville, SC, Hogs up by 6. Winner gets the Hens tomorrow, but without a win our chances of making the NCAAT dwindle down to nothing, IMO. May be nothing anyway.

Chrissy Carr has 20 of our 30 points as I type this, with four treys.

With Daniels hurt someone besides Carr needs to score, Spencer needs to rather than Raylee.

Great moves my spencer in pulling the team back ahead. Going to be challenge without Daniels.

What happened to Daniels?

Got busy at work. Misery now up 5 late in the third quarter. Carr has 26 points, the rest of the team has 27. Daniels is in the game currently, or was before the TVTO. Sam has 11 points, Mak has 7.

64-56 Misery after 3 quarters. Carr now has 29. She’s gotta get some help and they have to get some stops.

Spencer just limped off the court and to the locker room. However, we’re making a run, down 3 now.

Tied with 5 minutes left

Five-point play – and-one, miss the FT, get the rebound, Mak hit a trey. We’re up 5 with 2:54 left.

Sam just hit a 3. Up 8 with 2 minutes left. We’ve scored the last 14 points.

We have 12 treys and have hit 17 of 19 from the line. Up 8 with 1 minute left.

Hogs win 85-74. Playing the #1 team in the country tomorrow. Hope Mak and Sam are at full speed.

The dreaded 8-9 line got them into the matchup.
They earned by getting beat in several games they had the lead late and simply choked.

They were impressive from the FT line today. That was a big difference. Not to mention all the 3 pointers.
Very nice comeback and win. Especially considering their foul trouble and the injuries.

Today could be a predicator of lessons learned with the opportunities at the line paying off. Any other team besides Carolina this game might be beginning of a run but that outstanding inside strength of Carolina goes against the biggest weakness of the Razorbacks.

Jeff, you mentioned both Daniels and Spencer being back and I should clarify that Daniels went down in the 2nd quarter with a nasty turned ankle but came back after the halftime break to play the entire second half. I suppose the question will be regarding her status tomorrow since she remained slowed according to the announcers. Spencer did not appear to show any lasting effects.

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