Women up 9 after 1Q at Ole Miss

Scored 32 in the first quarter which is 128 point pace. OM is the worst team in the league for a reason. Alexis Tolefree already has 11 with two treys

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Lead at halftime 58-37. We scored four points in the last 10 seconds of the half just in case there was any doubt. Everybody who has played has at least 4 points, three with 9 and Tolefree still with 11.

Only 116 point pace now :slight_smile:

By the way, we’re in a four-way tie for 4th, with the goal being to get a top-4 double bye in the SECT. A&M is playing Tennessee, so one will lose, and Kentucky is playing Moo U in Lexington, which you’d still have to think is a likely win for the Dogs. So it could be a two-way tie for fourth after today, and could be three-way for third if LSU were to lose at Auburn.

The Hogs shot 70% from the field in the first half. It’s sure fun to watch.
Hogs 58. Ole Miss. 37. What a halftime score.

Yep and they are 14 of 15 from the free throw line, you can win or lose a bunch of games at the charity stripe! WPS

83-53 after 3Q. Three in double figures led by Tolefree with 19

104-64 with 2:36 left. Even Destinee Oberg has scored.

Somehow I doubt we’ve hung up three digits in two straight conference games ever.

They are playing well, if we had one of those 6’6” in the middle we would be tough. Exciting to watch these young women play, MN doing a great job. WPS

They have now! Man they hit some shots. Dubai is going to be good! She can rebound like crazy. I’m going to check the box score.

Andy Landers is rrrreally big on the team and thinks they can win the tournament because they are so hard to prepare for on short notice. Peak at the right time and roll.

A&M won, Auburn is leading LSU and Kentucky is up 12 on Moo U which would be a surprise if that holds. But at worst it’s a three-way tie for fourth instead of four-way, and we could be tied for third.

I have a hard time believing we can win the tournament with the talent Dawn Staley can throw at you. SoCar doesn’t have to prepare for anyone, just muscle them. They already know how to play us, having completely dominated both meetings. Problem is if we finish 4th, the Chickens await in the semifinal.

I thoroughly enjoy watching the ladies play. So fun to watch. If you enjoy good, fundamental basketball, watch the ladies. It’s the same reason I enjoy watching women’s golf.

Kentucky won and LSU lost. Hogs in a four-way tie for third at 8-4. But only two of those four will get double byes in the SECT. LSU comes to BWA to end the regular season and plays SoCar next. Aggies and UK also have SoCar remaining. We have Tennessee, Florida, Moo U and LSU left.

I would rather have to meet the Chickens in the final. It’s possible to finish 3rd! The CMN just needs to find a way to win these next few games! The first one on the list is Tennessee at home Thursday! It’s possible to win out!

I would be shocked if we beat Moo U at Stankvomit. The other three we can win.

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