Women up 4 at halftime over Poultry

Dungee has 13 to lead the Hogs at half, including 8-8 at the line.

They might start sneaking into at-large consideration here too, although their RPI is not great (#90 coming into today). Today would be their first Q1 win.

Still up 2, early fourth quarter.

These gals fight scrap and play all out. Their lack of height hurts them but they are making up for that with effort and positioning on rebounds. And on offensive rebounds Coach Neighbors has them to bring the ball back out rather than try to go back up on the taller SC gals.

Exciting basketball.

The men’s team could learn a lot about half court defense from them

Up 4 with a minute left after a couple of dodgy calls against us which led to four quick Chicken points.

Jeff…dodgy is a nice word for those calls.

There were some other words that came to mind…

Dungee has 31 again. Up 7 with :37 left

Took them five minutes to blow the call???

That was a horrible call, and the ladies still win

Huge win. Beat SC and the refs. Horrible call at end. SC gal fouled Dungee and knocked the ball OB and the refs gave it to SC after replay.

Coach Neighbors needs a nice raise and contract extension.

Dungee is a great player. Unbelieveable!


WPS! What a game!

Put Dungee on the men’s team. Wow she is the real deal

Swines language is exposing his European / UK background maybe.