Women up 36-29 at half against LSU

We can’t get the double bye at SECT but winning would get the 5 seed. Gaulden leads us with 9. All eight Hogs who played in the first half scored. LSU has 10 offensive rebounds but we have 6, and second chance points are 12-11.

Neighbors and Tolefree both got technicals in the third quarter and LSU hit all four FTs.

I’m not sure what the score is after the third quarter. TV says 56-49, live stats say 57-51. We’re ahead either way. Now live stats say 56-50 :man_shrugging:

The live stats counted three 2-point shots as 3-point shots during the third quarter. The score on the TV is correct.

They finally got the live stats corrected. Now 65-58 in the last five minutes.

Hogs catch a break. Up 2 in the last 30 seconds, we made a bad pass against the press that would have gone out of bounds but Dungee was fouled going for the pass and hit two free throws.

That set the final score. Hogs win 75-71. Tolefree led us with 17. Gaulden had 11, Thomas and Dungee with 10 each.

I’m pretty sure Arkansas secured the No. 4 seed and a first-round bye in the SEC Tournament.

It is tied at 10-6 with Texas A&M and Kentucky, and Tennessee could also get to 10 wins today. As I read the tiebreaker, Arkansas would be the No. 4 seed by virtue of beating LSU today. Kentucky would be the No. 3 by virtue of beating Mississippi State earlier in the year.

I’m not sure yet but
1- South Carolina
2- Mississippi St
3- Texas A&M
4- ???
5- ???
6- ???
I thought we would get the tie break set over Kentucky because of the tie breaker but that’s not what the SEC folks are saving on air!

TV guys were absolutely certain that the Hogs were the 5 coming in behind A&M and Kentucky. They kept talking about how LSU could wind up as the 4 if it won due to its sweep of TAM.

What I’m wondering is if they’re getting punished for the luck of the draw that gave them SoCar on the schedule twice. Nobody beat SoCar, obviously, but Arkansas lost to them twice. So since the head to head was equal, they may be getting dinged for 0-2 vs. the Poultry to 0-1 for the other two (or three).

Assuming Tennessee beats Auburn (it’s a 4-point game now), here’s the head to head.
A&M beat Tennessee
A&M beat Arkansas
Kentucky beat A&M
Arkansas beat Kentucky
Arkansas beat Tennessee
Kentucky beat Tennessee

Head to head, A&M 2-1, Arkansas 2-1, Kentucky 2-1, Tennessee 0-3.

So Tennessee is the 6 whether they beat Auburn or not. Does losing twice to SoCar knock the Hogs down? I don’t know.

I don’t know about the ladies, but when I looked at tie breaking procedures for the men a few years back, if they were tied after H2H, then it became record vs #1-#16 until tie breaker was resolved. If that’s still correct and same for ladies, then yes, the 0-2 would put us below the other two, so we’d be 6

I think we’d be 5, Baked. H2H would eliminate Tennessee even if they win, which makes us 5, and if they don’t win obviously they’re not in consideration. We couldn’t be 3 because Kentucky beat Moo U and we didn’t.

Winning percentage against SoCar is .000 for all of us, so they could go with that instead of 0-1 or 0-2. But I suspect that’s why we’re the 5. If we are.

One other possibility. None of us beat SoCar so move to #2. UK beat MSU so they’re the 3. Which leaves us in a tie with TAM and TAM beat us, which makes them the 4.

I sure don’t understand how the heck Kentucky is the 3 seed!

So aTm, KY, and AR are all eligible for the 3 seed?

UK has the same record as the other two, beat the #2 team which the other two didn’t.

Tie breaking procedures are tricky.

Four team tie, goes to tie breaking procedures until one team is eliminated - per Swine’s post above - TN is eliminated. (6 seed)

Then three team tie breaker starts over, after H2H. It becomes record vs #1 seed. AR 0-2, KY and aTm 0-1. AR eliminated (5 seed)

Then two team tie breaker starts over. KY beat aTm - aTm eliminated (4 seed)

KY - 3 seed

Even if they don’t ding us for losing to the Chickens twice, they ding us for not beating Moo U. Which makes Kentucky the 3, and we lose H2H with A&M

The tie breaking procedures start over as soon as a team is eliminated. Because were were 0-2, and the other two were 0-1 we end up 5th, but they could do it the way you did as well. Like I said it’s tricky. You can actually end up seeded lower than a team you beat twice because of the weird tie breaking rules.

This shows just how big the egg the hogs laid at Florida was! One game would have made a difference.
Oh well last year the hogs played on Wednesday and made it to the Sunday!

Clearly we would have been better off beating Moo U and losing today than the other way around.

True. We beat Moo U and we would have been the 3. But Army is also right, the two games (FL and I think Ga) where they laid an egg also knocked us out. Win either of those and they’d be the #3, without worrying about the tie breaker

Yep. Road loss to Florida, meh. It happens. Georgia waxed us at home. That hurt