Women trail Auburn at halftime

Shot 33% and had 7 turnovers. Yuck. 30-29 for the Lady Bagmen.

Auburn now up by 10

Auburn is 0-13 in Conference


We’re not playing like a top 25 team. Without more effort, we will lose.

Dungee is stinking it up. Seven turnovers on her own.

She just keeps shooting it. She finally made a 3! The hogs just came out flat in this game. Dungee has had a bad game to this point.
They better learn to rebound durning this timeout!

60 Auburn
55 Hogs.
4 th quarter. 6:26

Our girls are playing terrible.

I’ve seen multiple times we get the rebound only to fight each other for the ball and we turn it over for an and 1.

They better focus or they will get beat.

Well the hogs just made 3-3’s in their last 3 possessions and have a 4 point lead.

What’s so bad about the rebounding is simple. If all of a sudden in the last 6 minutes you can see them put out the effort and rebound what’s been the problem the entire game!

I take the ugly win.

And ugly it was.

Me too but the effort for the first 3 1/2 quarters of the game wasn’t very good.
They have made a run in a short period of time. Too many TO’s and they couldn’t throw the ball into the ocean.

Ugly win is better than a pretty lose.

The final score is all that matters. Everybody has an off night.

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An ugly road win is a beautiful sight in the win column!

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The announcers seemed to think it was a unique game.

No kidding

Aubrun was Unique with a generous sprinkling of Honesty. It was not enough to overcome the team of Destiny.

Unique game with Honesty.

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