Women tonight

Is the game on ESPN+??

Schedule says it’s on SECN+. Sunday at UALR is on ESPN+

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Thanks…always an adventure trying to watch these games. I have the ESPN app, but last night it tried to get me to pay again! I finally got it to come up after the 3rd or fourth try accessing. I THINK I can get SECN+…don’t remember…I do have the SECN channel with DISH, but guess I’ll have to search. I assume it is on watchESPN.com, but maybe not since it is not on ESPN+. I’m too old for this!! :crazy_face:

When I logged in to watch basketball last night it asked me if I wanted to go through SECN+ or ESPN+. I don’t remember which one I chose.

I remember getting a choice that may have been the same thing. I chose the top option but don’t remember what that was either. I have learned I cannot get the broadcast from ESPN+ by simply clicking on the game when it first appears as one of dozens of options. I have to go back in and scroll down to Men’s (or women’s) NCAA BB and then click on the game after scrolling to find. No idea why it kept trying to get me to resubscribe and PAY when I clicked on the game without going to “NCAA women’s BB”. It should not be so difficult!

OK!! Using my Sony TV remote (instead of my usual Dish remote for all non-app broadcasts), it is showing that I will be able to watch the women’s game tonight on SECN+ (it gave me the choice of ESPN+ or SECN+). Slowly, but surely, I am catching up with you younger whipper-snapper tech savvy fans. :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

After you choose the sec+ option it will ask you to login through your tv provider so be ready for that…

Attending Sunday game in person and also supposed to get to meet with the team. Looking forward to it.

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I am very happy not be dependent solely on Xfinity, Direct, DISH, AT&T, YouTub, or another “provider” for the streaming platform for ESPN or ESPN+, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, SEC, SECN, SEC+, ACC, B10, NFL, NBA, etc. Obviously, I need a “provider” but I find ROKU and HULA to be superior as streaming platforms as I listen to others on HogSports. I would recommend trying one of the services like ROKU or HULA for a month free trial. Last night was an ESPN scheduling mess but usually problems are durthpk

That did not happen, but appreciate the heads-up.

I bought a ROKU device for my upstairs home theater projector system. Got it to work first time, but a week later I could not get it to function…that was 8-10 months ago and I don’t remember the details…probably something I did wrong, but I would give the ROKU device to anyone who wants it…HULU was almost equally goofy for me. I think I recently got a notice that my subscription had run out…no plans to deal with that again. I admit it MAY be all operator error, but I don’t need the stress!

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